How to Choose a Unique Brand Name

How to Choose a Unique Brand Name?

An iconic name will give your brand great value. The process of selecting a simple, memorable brand name is not easy, but if you make an effort, you can have a name with the highest recall value. In this article we discuss How to Choose a Unique Brand Name?

A brand name should help you communicate with your customers and give you the right exposure in the search result.

Your brand name should also be catchy and define your product or service. Thus, let’s check out a few tips on how to choose the right brand name.

What Makes a Unique Brand Name?

There is no formula for selecting a unique brand name. A good brand name adds meaning to your business and communicates the brand essence while cultivating positive emotions.

A brand name should stand out from your competitors and be memorable. It should be easier for people to interpret or search for on Google.

Your brand should grow with the company and maintain its relevance. You can trademark the brand and domain name to avoid any copyright issues later on.

You should also make it visually appealing when you translate it through different designs, colours, and icons. When you decide on a name, think about it as an extension of your business practice.

Tips on Choosing a Unique Brand Name

  • Develop a strategy to choose a name

You need to determine what your name aims to accomplish and how your brand name will work with existing products or service names. What kind of name do you need – descriptive or founder’s name?

The descriptive name may be based on the product or service, and the founder’s name is the owner’s name. Nestle and Ford are practical examples of founders’ names.

When you generate unique names, you need to have an objective in mind. Name generating tools can help, but they may not provide you with unique options.

Today, however, most businesses are using a combination of names for their brands.

  • Brainstorm and generate potential names

Host a structured brainstorming session by gathering your creative thinkers and stakeholders. Start by writing down all the adjectives that describe your product the best.

Do write a description of how you want your customers to feel when they connect with your brand, as a free association of words about your products may help you.

Generate plenty of potential names and create a long list. Evaluate the names based on your criteria.

Aim to find a name that meets your criteria or raises an eyebrow. When you spell the name, it should have a positive vibe.

A Possible Brainstorming Session Can Have You Thinking According to Different Categories:-

  1. Fabricated name – A name from a combination depending on your service or product. Example: Kodak
  2. Founder name – Based on a real person’s name. Example: Betty Croker
  3. Descriptive name – Describes what you make. Example: General Motors
  4. Acronym name – Uses an initial or abbreviation for easy remembrance. Example: GE (General Electric)
  5. Metaphor name – An imaginary or creative name. Example: NIKE
  6. Spell name – Made from two spellings. Example: Facebook

You can challenge your creative team to come up with possible names in all the categories. The more the choice, the better it is for you.

  • Easy to remember and distinct

A brand name should have a high recall value and be easy to remember. A complex name does more harm than good, as it will get harder for people to reach you.

Catchy brand names such as Apple and Target are easy to remember, and it is way better than having a name with three or four letters. At the same time, your brand name should be distinct.

Generic names work if you target the local market. But if you’re looking to target the global market, you’ll have to think of something out of the box.

Generic names make it difficult for global brands, and you won’t get the required recognition.

  • Vet and test your brand name

Once you decide on a name, you will need to vet the frontrunners. Nothing is frustrating if the name is not available. Check for the name and whether you can trademark it.

If it is already registered, it’s back to square one.

Choose the names that are on number two or three on the list. Once you have a name that resonates and is available, don’t take much time to register it.

When you clear the legal part, it is time to test with mock-ups. Test your top three names with people around you.

Follow These Simple Testing Ideas:

  1. Run a targeted ad campaign to target all your customers, but only for a week. You will get to know the results.
  2. Now, see which pages got more conversions and engagement on your page.
  3. Build a brand landing page for each name. You can use an identical copy to change the brand and logo.
  • After naming

After you complete the naming part, create your corporate identity with a logo. Logo and brand name are interlinked, so don’t forget. Create your own brand story and brand messaging.

You can use this throughout your marketing and sales materials. Your brand should have a strong visual identity, so you will need to consider this factor.

It is important to use your brand name on your content page, especially if it is a new business. Also, don’t forget to register your domain and buy hosting from a reliable provider.

To Conclude,

Brands are more than companies and logos; it defines what it truly stands for. If you choose a unique name for your business, it can create the right buzz.

They can position you as a pacesetter and value your proposition. The brand name differentiates your product from the rest of the market.

A poor brand name can negate the position you build in the market. You may even have trouble generating interest in your company.

It can force you to spend extra time on various marketing efforts. It might limit your opportunities if you are looking to expand to other business markets.

Your brand name is one of the long-term developments for your company. You need to consider the best name, as it will become the most important piece of your business identity.

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