How To Create a Budget-Friendly Business Logo Design In 8 Easy Steps

How To Create a Budget-Friendly Business Logo Design In 8 Easy Steps?

In this article we explain How To Create a Budget-Friendly Business Logo Design In 8 Easy Steps?

Creating a professional business logo design sets a foundation for your brand identity. It grabs the attention, making the first impression impressive. A report given by BBC News highlights the importance of a business logo for a company.

  • World multinational companies spend millions on designing their business logos.
  • The UK oil group BP spent £136m to make their sunflower design logo. Check out our article for more information about the Most Expensive Logos In The World.

Another report given by Smartscrapers on 9 January 2024 says that,

  • There are a total of 12523 Graphic designers in the United Kingdom.

Learning how to create a budget-friendly business logo design can prove sustainable for various businesses. That’s why the guide below will inform the reader about how they can make a professional logo with just 8 easy steps. Learn the step-by-step guide to craft your graphic designing assignments.

8 Easy Steps to Design a Business Logo Design

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a company? It is about the company’s logo. Designing a logo is extremely easy. There are some basic steps to follow up. But what makes your logo stand unique among all other competitors? You need to be more creative than just following the generic design steps.

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1. Know Why You Need to Design Your Business Logo

A logo is designed for businesses, personal brands, luxury brands, etc. Before you start designing it, take a step back to think, about why you need to design it. Here you can ask yourself some basic questions about business logo design.

  • Why this design will be used?
  • Are you supposed to showcase any specific product or item with this design?
  • Will this logo grant the expected benefits to the company?

2. Spot Your Brand’s Identity

You can brainstorm some keywords that can describe your brand’s identity well. Use helping tools like to generate multiple related words. For instance, if you want to design a clothing brand business logo design, you can browse related words like apparel, outfit, sportswear, etc.

Consequently, to design a business logo, think of various iconic symbols associated with these words. For example, a horse can symbolise speed, an apple can showcase knowledge, etc.

3. Find Inspiration

There is nothing wrong with finding ideas by looking at others’ design business logo. You can browse your competitors’ business logo design and see the colour combinations, and design ideas, they have used. See which kinds of logos are popular. Choose your favourite one out of it and estimate the betterment you can introduce regarding your brand.

4. Choose Appropriate Sketch

The process of sketching starts with making several drafts before. Take an idea from your brand story and keywords to make initial logos. A business logo design comes in all shapes. So, find the appropriate logotype. Try to keep its shape simple as much as you can. Also, avoid using generic symbols or artwork designs.

5. Use Popular Colour Combinations in Your Industry

We are well aware of colour psychology in logo design. Customers respond differently to various colour wavelengths. Instead of struggling with how to pick the right colour for business logo design, know the universal options.

According to Forbes, taking note of the 100 most valuable brands:

  • 39% of the brand logos are blue.
  • The colour red appears in 37% of logos.
  • 1 out of 4 logos are orange, golden, and yellow.

6. Choose Font Type and Size

Before you select your business logo design, make sure that the tagline of your brand is on one line. If you want to include some additional information, keep it small size and clear.  Focus on finding the one that shares quality. Font types like sans-serifs and serifs are the most readable types. Furthermore, if the graphic element is curvy, it can align well with swashes and loops of a script font.

7. Design A Scalable Logo

Designing a salable business logo design is the ultimate necessity in today’s multifaceted digital ecosystem. It allows seamless integration of your logo in various mediums, such as large-scale billboards, business card logo design, etc.

This way, a brand can describe its identity more effectively on various platforms. You can use some software options, such as Vector Graphics Editors, to craft some inherently scalable logos.

8. Ask For Feedback

Once you have completed the business logo design, share it with your friends or other professionals that to ask for feedback. It is important to note the people’s reaction to this logo design.

For this purpose, you can ask some specific questions, and provide them with the context of what are you trying to convey with this logo design. Also, you should always make changes if something seems out of the way after getting feedback.

What Are The 3 Rules of Good Logo Design?

The 3 effective rules for business logo design below can help you design an exceptional logo for your business.

  1. It must be appropriate to describe the brand identity.
  2. It should not be descriptive but memorable.
  3. Make it unusual enough that it can persist in people’s minds.


The business logo design is the ultimate necessity for every entrepreneur. They need to hire some graphic designers who can design catchy icons for their company. In the above guideline, we have presented a step-by-step guide to designing such icons.

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