Keyword Research for Busy Digital Marketers - SEO

Keyword Research for Busy Digital Marketers

Keywords and keyphrases are an essential part of connecting to your market. Having the right keywords allows your market to see the content that you want to show them. In this article we look at Keyword Research for Busy Digital Marketers.

Keyword research is tedious, but finding the right keywords for your market is always beneficial to your company. Take into account the fact that 92.42% of keyword search queries get 10 monthly searches or even lower.

How to Make the Most Out of Keywords in SEO

Keyword Research for Busy Digital Marketers - How to Make the Most Out of Keywords in SEO

The keywords you use should be natural, and it should be something that your intended audience searches up. It should be able to bring traffic to your website and give your company opportunities.

There are two different kinds of keywords that SEO marketers use, head keywords which are shorter and long-tail keywords which are evidently longer. Online marketers generally use Head keywords but it is more competitive than long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords, on the other hand, are less competitive, but cover more ground in terms of site expansion and building domain authority, especially for up-and-coming websites.

Long-tail keywords are much longer and more specific, which means you can position your website to rank in that particular phrase without much competition compared to using head keywords.

Most online marketers utilize head keywords since they directly pertain to key industry topics and concepts. Head keywords are highly sought after since many companies fall under these keywords.

Although integrating your long-tail keyword into your content would be more challenging than the former, it is an essential means of improving your rank. Remember to research keywords based on the content of your site, the niche you’re in, and your objectives.

Keyword Research: Knowing Your Competitors

Knowing your competitors and where you rank in terms of your specific niche would vastly help in forming your intended keyphrase. If a particular keyword is too competitive, find a better keyphrase that you can compete with based on your domain authority.

Look at the particular keyphrase, find out which competitors rank above you, and how you can do better than their content and if your content is up to par with your competitors. Also, take into account that 49% of the time, the top page will receive the most search traffic. Aiming for the top spot should be your goal.

Compare your PageRank and Domain Authority and see if you can compete with other websites. Domain Authority is an integral part of Google’s ranking system and is relied on by Google’s statistics.

Building your Domain Authority is essential if you want to reach your market.

Start-up companies may make use of link building agencies to build their Domain Authority, while focusing on the quality of their content, as the priority should always be your content. The ideal course of action would be to acquire a blogger outreach service.

Organic Link Builders, for example, ensures that the content you are writing fits perfectly in your niche, which in turn elevates your connection with your market. Remember that the more backlinks you have, the more organic search traffic you receive from Google.

Using tools for Keyphrase forming

It certainly takes time for an online marketer to try to find the right key phrases that would fit your content, your content would naturally receive traffic if it is relevant, but relevancy isn’t the only factor.

You should also take into account what you can do to be ahead of your competitors.

Your content may be relevant and exciting, but if there are so many of you in your niche competing for that key phrase, then getting to the top spot may take a while.

Using tools made explicitly for SEO’s can save you lots of time. Merely learning what the popular keyphrases are would not be sufficient if you would like to become competitive in the digital marketing scene.

While you may think going through Google suggestions would be enough, there are tons of useful keyword-finding applications out there that can boost your productivity further.

Knowledge of specific stats— like frequencies and ranks— are crucial in leading you to the right target audience or even just getting you those clicks as well.

These SEO tools are beneficial because they help you do your job faster, it can drastically decrease the amount of time and effort you put into researching keywords and keyphrases.

Tools Link Time taken for Keyword list Time taken for Best Keyword decision
Soolve  2 seconds 5 minutes
Jaaxy 2 minutes* 4 minutes
Ahrefs Keyword Explorer 1 minute 2 minutes
Keyworddit 5 minutes* 5 minutes
Moz Keyword Explorer 1 minute 2 minutes
Keywords Everywhere 1 minute 8 minutes
Ubersuggest 1.5 minutes 1.5 minutes
SEMrush 1 minute* 2 minutes

These tools will provide you ease-of-access, as well as a better understanding of your chosen keywords. The essential thing here is that these tools show other related keywords that you could also use. It shows which keywords you could potentially compete in. Knowing these facts would give you a definitive edge over manually searching for keywords and keyphrases.*Installation and Registration time.

Having these tools would also allow you to potentially find the right keywords you can use faster because it gives you all the data you need to know.

How to Match Your Content with Popular Key Phrases

This part should be natural for you, since your keyphrase must be the focal point of your content. It should be what your content revolves around. But we do have to take note that certain adjustments are needed if you want to rank for a particular keyword.

This is where the head and long-tail keywords come in.

Keyword Research for Busy Digital Marketers - search-demand-curve

(References: Moz

If your chosen keyword is highly competitive, try phrasing your keyword in a way that readers would search for. For example, if you’re looking for a keyword that matches your content, but is too competitive, add specific search terms that would benefit your content and create a better competitive opportunity for you. 50% of search queries have more than 4 words, so don’t think that having fewer words on your key phrase would give you reduced options.

Deciding the Best Keyword

Keyword Research for Busy Digital Marketers -Deciding with the Best Keyword

Take this, for example, adding more words for your key phrase would lessen the search volume, although it would also reduce the competition. Using specific words based on your content would make your content more relevant to your readers. Remember that search volume is essential, but it is not the only important factor you need to take into account.

Don’t spend too much time overthinking which keyword you can use. Deciding on the best keyword would rely on that certain keyword’s competitiveness. Go for the best fit keyword for your content that can create potential opportunities for you to get a high ranking.


Finding the right keywords for you to use is essential because it connects your content to your market. There are SEO tools specifically designed to help you meet this goal, but finding the right market for your content will always be up to you. This process may take some time, but these tools and any other keyword tool for that matter would decrease your time spent searching for a keyword that fits your content.

Being ahead of your competition is the primary goal, and the most significant way to do this is to make amazing content. Because your content will speak for itself, although it should also be your job to let the right people read your content because amazing content would be worthless to people who won’t appreciate it.

We hope you found our article about Keyword Research for Busy Digital Marketers beneficial for your keyphrase research! Let us know what works for you!

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