Scottish Start-Ups Create Job Opportunities for Designers

Scottish Start-Ups Create Job Opportunities for Designers

Scotland is fiercely competing with London as a hotbed for start-up activity, especially in the technology industry where more than 13,000 tech jobs are reported up for grabs each year.

The hype of activity in Glasgow and Edinburgh, in particular, is enabling different professionals to find career opportunities with these tech start-ups. This includes graphic designers and alike who can help these new businesses to flourish. If you are a designer, keep a lookout for the jobs in Edinburgh and Glasgow with the companies below.


TravelNest was established in 2015 and is an Edinburgh-based company that will advertise your property to the holiday market. Their overarching aim is to help you achieve sky-high occupancy rates, which translates into a better yield from your investment. They have had a successful few years and raised an impressive $5 million through seed funding. There are opportunities here for graphic designers because of their work in marketing properties.


Another tech firm in Scotland, this time Glasgow, in the world of marketing is Adimo. Their product can integrate into online marketplaces to make the shopping experience better for consumers. They have some strong investors backing the success such as the Scottish Investment Bank, which will be music to the rears of designers considering any of their upcoming roles.


In 2010, Kate Mooney founded Houseology, a creative platform designed to sell interior home furnishings and accessories. Its main goal was to demystify the design process and it is all about clever design and making a design come to life for customers. This is why it is the perfect new business in Scotland for passionate designers to keep an eye on.


MindMate is a revolutionary software aiming to improve the quality of life for people experiencing cognitive decline. It was thought up after one of the company’s three founders cared for his grandfather suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. The business has raised almost $3 million to date and is already in the hands of over one million people. The growing success of the company may pave a way for designers to get involved as a way to improve the visuals of the software and make it even better.


Swipii is a Glaswegian startup helping smaller commerce businesses enter the online marketplace and to compete with the bigger brands. Their automated marketing platform enables smaller bricks-and-mortar stores an opportunity to market their offerings. When people need marketing, they need designers to help them highlight their brand. This is why we anticipate more designer jobs to stem from their platform.

Plenty of Opportunities

This is just a slice of the action going on in Scotland at the moment and designers will be able to find more opportunities within Scotland’s growing tech sector. It is time to start considering Scotland over London if you are looking to get into the tech industry as a designer.

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