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How to pick your freelancing niche

How to Pick Your Freelancing Niche

A freelance niche refers to a small segment of the total market that buys freelance services. This can be defined as a “horizontal” segment, usually focused on a particular service, like “Logo Design”. And a “vertical” segment, focused on a particular sector of an industry, like online retail. Ignore broad service segments (horizontal), because nobody seeks out services. They want to solve their problems. Instead, I’ll try to convince you to focus on the problems of a specific industry (vertical). The goal is to spend the least amount of time winning work, and more time billing.

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The Secret Recipe for Emotional Designs

The Secret Recipe for Emotional Designs

Emotions play a significant role in our decision-making. It goes beyond intuition as an emotional state when deciding also contributes to the final verdict given. We let go when we are happy and often get super annoyed over little things when we are already stressed out. Emotions reflect in our behaviors and actions, thus the need to trigger the right emotions.

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Design Psychology: 7 Useful Tips to Cater to Client’s Preferences

Graphic design has become one of the most important marketing tools of today. The success of it depends greatly on the audience and how people respond to it. With that in mind, we can say with certainty that graphic design is more than an investment in time or money – it is a personalized approach that focuses on the audience.

To create a design that stands out and meets the eye of the person looking at it, you need to look at and study design psychology. The preferences of the clients are the key to success and these seven tips will help you get it right.

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Five Overlooked Ways for Continuous Creative Growth

Five Overlooked Ways for Continuous Creative Growth

The most successful creatives understand there are always new skills and techniques to learn.

You want to learn a new skill? Learn.

Why are some creatives great at what they do? Simply, they dedicate the time to learn their craft—especially the fundamentals.

A logo designer becomes great at designing logos because they studied the fundamentals that form a great logo. A copywriter can write a 1000 words in 10 minutes because they learned the fundamentals, then practiced and wrote daily.

Here’s the crux of this article nice and early for you…

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