Top Search Ranks are Not The Only Measure of SEO Success as Business ROI is Also a Factor

Top Search Ranks are Not The Only Measure of SEO Success as Business ROI is Also a Factor

Business success depends on fast revenue generation, and the best way of doing it is to embrace SEO. Today, online marketing is the only way to give impetus to overall marketing activities linked to revenue generation. That is the reason why businesses of all sizes and shapes cutting across industry segments are implementing SEO.  Google has recognised the needs of businesses so well that it has devised local SEO for small companies that have made SEO accessible for even the most modest business set up. It has put to end the long-standing misconception that SEO is for big companies only.

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The primary goal of SEO is to earn high ranks in search results because it increases visibility and drives more traffic to websites. To measure SEO success, people refer to the search rankings and the most successful company is the one that earns the top spot in SERP. However, as SEO is continuously evolving, the time has come to rethink the attitude of vying for the top spot only.  Should it still be a priority to work towards earning the top spot just in search results? If not, then what should be the approach in SEO for business betterment?

Taking a fresh look at SEO success    

Traditionally, marketers equated high search rankings with SEO success, and higher the rank more was the success. There is enough reason to believe in this approach because every second Google processes 40,000 searches which means that chances of reaching consumers by taking the route of search rankings are always very high.  No one would ever dare to think about missing out on the opportunities of driving traffic to websites from 3.5 billion searches conducted every day. And besides driving traffic, it enhances brand awareness and authority. Statistics available from 2013 SEO database shows that the top ranking website earned 33% traffic and the second-placed website attracted 17.6% traffic while the site at the fifth position received merely 6.1% traffic. In plain words, more traffic means SEO success.

However, there is a catch to it because the success relates to traffic only and not to business ROI which is the real measure of success. How much of the traffic resulted in leads that produced meaningful conversions is what marketers have to look for to define SEO success today. The changes that SEO has undergone over the last five years have now changed the way users search for results. It has brought into focus the need for measuring business ROI too for determining SEO success instead of just considering high ranking abilities.

Against the above backdrop, what should be that changed approach towards SEO is the topic of discussion of this article.

Good rank and not top rank should be your goal

As the perception of SEO success has undergone a drastic change, it has affected the SEO goals too. The target of marketers is to use SEO for enhancing clicks and engagement, and you should aim for good ranks but need not try only to acquire the top spot. As long as you are earning high ranks and appearing on the first page of search results, it should make you happy. You must gradually push up the ranking by aligning the SEO campaign with Google updates.

Focus on optimisation

Modern SEO thrives on content, and you must create quality content for viewers that convey value to them. Pay attention to the optimisation of the website features as well as content because, despite the changes that have happened to SEO, the need for optimisation remains the same. The efforts of optimisation should not only cover the onsite aspects like the content but also take care of how the website shows up in search results. Creating high impacting snippets is a vital optimisation measure that makes the site appear prominently in search results and increases its visibility. Remember that your optimisation measures should be capable of supporting your SEO goals not only for ranking but also make business happen.

Bank on creativity

The competition in SEO is growing so intense that unless you can think out of the box, you could find it difficult to make a mark. Take the approach of doing not anything very much different but do what others are doing in a completely different way. Even if you are not trying to earn the top spot, the task of retaining ranks in the upper tiers of a search result is no less challenging. Think beyond organic search results and explore the possibilities of using advertisements and other methods of optimisation like making use of Google Knowledge graph and snippets to bring your website in focus of viewers.

Pay attention to CTR

CTR is an important signal for Google as it shows how much attention users are paying to the website and therefore it affects ranking.  Do everything necessary to make the page look attractive so that it appeals to viewers, optimise the content, headline, and description that help to draw the attention of viewers, bring them closer to it and keep them engaged longer. Better CTR translates into a better ranking.

Create high-quality content

Remember that users are keen to derive value from your website and you must work towards conveying them good value by publishing high-quality content. Create unique and original content that addresses issues that users are facing and provides solutions to their problems.  The kind of content you post is critical for establishing authority, and it also helps to earn higher ranks.

Good content helps to create engagement as visitors will spend a long time on the website, and your target should be to influence them so that they keep visiting your site again and again. It would give you the opportunity to persuade them to take some positive actions like subscribing to your newsletter or clicking on the CTA button that lead to conversions and paves the way for revenue generation.

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