What Do You Have to Study to Become a Graphic Designer

What Do You Have to Study to Become a Graphic Designer?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a graphic designer? Your immediate answer was probably, “graphic design, obviously.” If so, prepare to be surprised. 

The graphic design profession is currently one of the most in-demand jobs on the job market. If you’re feeling lost and your current job doesn’t allow you to unleash all of your creativity, then perhaps graphic design is the solution.

In this post, you will not only learn what it takes to become a graphic designer. We’ll also look at what a graphic designer does, as well as share some reasons to study graphic design. 

What Does a Graphic Designer Do?

If you have no idea what graphic design is, we offer material to get you started on the merits of this world. Do you already know what graphic design is? Let’s continue with what you need to learn to become a graphic designer. But first…

Let’s start with the obvious. If you want to learn more about what you need to study to become a graphic designer, we must first clarify one question: what are the functions of this profession? Of course, if they are asked to “do my powerpoint presentation for me” they can easily do it but among the tasks of a graphic designer are:

  • Creating visual advertising concepts using software and tools such as Adobe Tool Suite or JavaScript.
  • Establishing a project budget with clients and determining the resources to be used.
  • Assist clients in developing visual advertising strategies.
  • Learn how to design logos, web pages, infographics…
  • Lead work teams (yes, a graphic designer should be a good supervisor).

Depending on his/her specialization and the field in which he/she works, the graphic designer will need to consider other functions as well. Discover other graphic design skills that every professional in the field should have.

Now we are going to discuss what you need to learn to become a graphic designer. Let’s first look at the reasons that can lead you to this wonderful profession.

Reasons to Study Graphic Design

If you’re reading this article, then you’re wondering what you need to study to become a graphic designer, meaning you’re already considering this profession as an option for the future. However, is it worth learning about this profession?

In this blog, we try to be as objective as possible, but the answer is unequivocal yes. If you are a creative person, with a great capacity for innovation and imagination, you can succeed in graphic design. And if creativity is your thing, here are the best careers for creative people.

Let’s take a look at what’s good about studying graphic design:

1. You Can Let Your Creativity Flow

The key to your future career is “creativity.” If there is one thing about graphic design that you can use, it’s the fact that the most creative people are the most successful in this field.

Don’t limit yourself. The more you express yourself creatively, the better you can express your ideas and emotions in images. While the most important thing is to follow your client’s idea, your graphic design work can (and should) carry your stamp.

At any moment you can become Milton Glazer or Saul Bass in graphic design. 

2. It’s a Sought-After Field

Did you know that studying graphic design opens the door to great job opportunities? Not just because of the job itself, but because of how well the profession pays.

Almost every company (no matter what it does) needs a graphic designer at some point. Similarly, all over the world, there will always be clients who need a professional in this field. And that professional can be you. 

3. It’s a Freelance Job

The modality and work style of a graphic designer is perfect for freelancing. Let’s see why.

By doing graphic design, you can control both your time and the number of clients. And just the way you want it; all you have to do is have a computer on hand and you can work from anywhere in the world!

4. You Can Say Goodbye to the Routine

Working as a graphic designer may not be boring at all. You’ll be working for different companies all the time, so every product and service you provide will be a challenge.

By doing graphic design, you can create websites, magazines, brochures, or any other projects that will not only take your mind off the routine but also expand your knowledge of audio-visual media. 

5. It’s an Independent and Low-Cost Option

As you’ll see a little further on in this article about what you need to learn to become a graphic designer, mastering this profession doesn’t require as much money as you think.

There are thousands of tutorials online! You can let your creativity run wild and experiment with different programs and projects that you can spend hours working with. Gradually, you will refine your style and improve your graphic design technique.

I don’t know about you, but we are already absolutely convinced of the benefits of learning graphic design. The moment of truth has arrived: what do you need to study to become a graphic designer?

What Do I Need to Learn to Become a Graphic Designer?

The tasks of a graphic designer go beyond creating a pretty flyer or adding color to an infographic. Let’s take a look at the entire package of skills a design professional should know:

Corporate identity

This is a very important aspect to learn to become a graphic designer. Essentially, it seeks to position a brand or business above its competitors in the marketplace. In other words, branding!

To anchor a brand identity, a graphic designer must use all the tools and knowledge of graphic design to analyze:

  • Company values
  • The products and/or services offered by the company
  • The brand (and therefore its imprint)
  • Target audience


Another element you need to learn to become a graphic designer has to do with the use of an attractive color palette or eye-catching design with which you can convince your potential customers.

A big contribution of a graphic designer is to invite users to buy your product or service.

Technical drawing

As you can see, the specialty you need to study to become a graphic designer is technical drawing. Thanks to this direction, the specialist will be able to develop the design of any structures and plans.

This graphic design skill is especially useful in disciplines such as engineering or architecture. It is also very common in designing advertisements.

Editorial design

If you are interested in focusing on media, one thing you need to learn to become a graphic designer is editorial design.

With this specialization, graphic designers can use all of their tools and resources to improve the image of the media by creating visual content.


We’re not saying that a graphic designer should be the number one animator on the planet, or that he/she should work at Pixar. It would be just fine if the tool you need to learn to become a graphic designer was related to the skill of animation.

In particular, a graphic designer should be trained as an expert in creating cartoons or gif images to present to an interested public in various formats and on various platforms.


Recently, the material that must be studied to become a graphic designer is font design and calligraphy.

This graphic design specialty has remained on trend lately due to the great rewards that come with this function.


To study graphic design, it’s important to know a little bit about everything. And we will see with this last ability. The graphic designer is also a specialist in places such as public spaces or commercial establishments, due to the need to design posters and appropriate signage. 

Yes, the graphic designer is responsible for covering many areas, so he or she must be thoroughly trained in this area.


Graphic design is at its peak of popularity. With the strengthening of freelance work and the demand for graphic designers, many professionals have begun to turn their working lives around and consider studying this specialty.

And as you can see, what you need to learn to become a graphic designer is nothing complicated. You can specialize in this profession in a multitude of ways and learn a variety of methods to enter and gain a foothold in this job market.

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