10 Mind-Blowing Social Media Tactics For 2021

10 Mind-Blowing Social Media Tactics For 2021

The competitive digital marketing landscape changes every day. To make your place in the competitive space, you will need to leverage effective social media strategies. Having unique and advanced tactics will help you to stay ahead of the curve. In this article we share 10 Mind-Blowing Social Media Tactics For 2021.

The report mentions that nearly seventy-five percent of the users spend more than twenty minutes on Facebook daily, and ninety-two percent of the marketers believe it is crucial to use social platforms to grow.  

1. Sketch Your Goals

10 Mind-Blowing Social Media Tactics For 2021

Businesses of all sizes and categories must opt for a data-driven approach to social platforms. Social media objectives crucially depend on metrics and key performance indicators.

If brands aspire to run a highly engaging campaign, they need to understand the essential factors that drive clicks, engagement, and revenue.

Also, businesses need to be conscious while allocating appropriate budgets for their social campaigns as it is critical in determining the desired results.

Broader Objective

  • Starting with a massive objective makes the goal-setting process efficient.
  • Small businesses can engage their domestic followers and build an inevitable community presence.
  • Start-up companies can create awareness for their new products and possibly generate leads.
  • Enterprise companies can offer timely services to their customers and enhance brand loyalty.

2. Understand Your Audience

Understanding your social media audience - Social Media Likes

  • Around ninety-one percent of the customers trust social media’s potential in connecting with people, besides the feeling of diversity. Mainly, seventy-eight percent of the customers prefer brands using social media.
  • In general, customers wish to know more about people who contribute towards their favorite brand. Around seventy-two percent of the consumers have stated that they feel connected when they share information about the brand on their social profiles.
  • The majority of people believe that social media unites people from different beliefs and backgrounds. Consumers are interested in knowing individuals other than them.
  • For brands to establish a genuine connection with their consumers, they need to interact with consumers on their preferred channels and develop content that prioritizes the brand’s people.

3. Generate Shareable Content

People readily share content they find interesting and valuable, somewhere they get a feeling of solving other’s problems. Great content also enables search engines to drive organic traffic and prompts users to choose the share option.

If businesses or creators want the audience to share their content, they should undoubtedly offer something in return. An effective way for brands to gain shares is by offering rewards to customers who come in as mere website visitors and share the posts on social platforms.

If marketers focus on improving the number of shares, they need to perceive the target audience’s beliefs and develop quality content that resonates with their personality.

4. Leverage Visuals

Visual content is more appealing to the audience on social platforms than big screens of texts. For instance, Facebook posts containing images drive more than twice the engagement than usual posts.

People react distinctly to different kinds of visuals, therefore to improve the possibility of engaging the audience with the content, businesses need to identify the appropriate visuals.

Social media Influencers can create several visual content formats, including memes, videos, Infographics, GIFs, and much more.

5. Host Giveaways

Hosting Social Media Give Away

Social media contests provide incredible results in promoting the business, particularly brands that have a significant fan. When implemented effectively, contests play a crucial role in boosting awareness among the audience.

Contests prompt users to voice out and share with their friends about the brand. Contests appear as convincing reasons for the audience to follow the creator’s social media accounts.

Also, it offers them the possibility to gather amazing rewards.

6. Step into Trending Topics

For initiating business conversations on social media platforms, businesses need to actively participate in trending events.

Marketers need to actively track the trending topics of their demographic and create a post around the trends. With the help of appropriate hashtags and topics, businesses can share their trending content among the audience.

Also, various online tools such as Google trends support marketers to explore the recent trending happenings.

7. Amplify Content Strategy

With the enormous information available on social media channels, gaining the audience’s attention can be pretty challenging for brands and influencers.

The creators need to ensure that their content is relevant to the audience’s goals, interests, and sensitive points. Well-prepared content is an effective way to build rapport with their followers.

The content strategy serves as a game plan in distributing the marketer’s content. Brands need to implement their content strategy consistently as a captivating story of the brand.

8. Be Authentic

Exhibiting authenticity on social media is quite simple; it is all about expressing the brand’s real side to its followers.

Shifting towards authenticity showcases an emerging trend, where people prefer to buy from brands that share social, political, and moral beliefs.

Authenticity on social media concentrates on eliminating deceptive and materialistic behavior that ruined social media performance.

9. Employ Engaging Videos

Many brands are utilizing video content to enhance their business and improve their presence on social media platforms.

Few reports mentioned that video content’s viewership had raised more than two hundred percent on Facebook and ninety-nine percent on YouTube.

Video content is ruling the digital world, and online businesses need to essentially implement video trends to benefit from social media.

Statistics reveal that nearly fifty-five percent of people watch online videos daily. Without huge investment, marketers can simply get involved in video marketing with online tools to create videos. 

10. Measure Your Results

social media-engagement-online-marketing-

Tracking follower growth, reach, engagement, and customer satisfaction provides creators and marketers a valuable experience that is interpreted and used to enhance their social media strategy.

With enormous metrics available to track and analyze, it is essential to prioritize and filter information. Marketers can utilize the support of analytics tools to observe spikes throughout the estimated period.

Dashboards are a profound tool for showcasing data to businesses at each phase of marketing.


Social media is a vast landscape, and you need to stay up with the latest tactics to make your place at this quick competitive pace. The purpose of social media strategies is to improve the follower count for the creator’s account and gain quality engagement.

To achieve marketing goals, brands need to reiterate their social media channels and modes of delivery. 

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