How to Develop Your Style on Instagram

How to Develop Your Style on Instagram

Have you just launched a new brand, and are you looking for innovative and creative ideas to help get your brand out there? In this article we discuss How to Develop Your Style on Instagram.

Instagram is one of the most effective social media platforms out there for marketing purposes, and one of the best parts about it is that it is completely free!

With the use of eye-catching images, Instagram users tell the story of their businesses and, in doing so, attract followers and (hopefully) paying clients.

All you need to do is develop your own unique style for your Instagram account. This involves creating a one-of-a-kind voice for your brand that is easily recognizable so that any Instagram user will instantly know that it is your brand being mentioned.

So, how do you attract more Instagram users and subscribers? This article will look at some fun ways that you can use to develop your own style for Instagram. Here they are!

Create a Wise Board or Concept for Your Brand

How to Develop Your Style on Instagram

Before you get started with your brand’s Instagram account, you need to consider the overall concept.

An easy way to begin is to ask yourself some questions. What is the aim of your brand? What are you selling? Who is your target audience? Do you have any competitors?

Your core values should also reflect your Instagram concept, and your followers should be able to see this shine through.

Once you have a clear idea and analysis of your brand, you will have a good idea of the direction you should follow for your Instagram account branding.

Since Instagram functions as the visual element of your brand, it is also important to understand where you are going thematically. For instance, would you like to create a moody or black and white concept? Or do you believe that your business is more whimsical, bohemian, minimalistic or colourful? 

Consider the Theme of Your Posts

Before posting your first image on Instagram, we recommend that you think about a theme for your posts.

This can be done by considering what you are most passionate about in terms of your brand and then using this as a basis for your posts.

As long as you are able to inject some enthusiasm and a genuine love for your brand, your fans will notice this and will love your content.

Use Filters Consistently

Instagram has many filters, and there are so many to choose from. If you are just getting started with your Instagram account, this can feel overwhelming, and you will be tempted to try them all.

However, if you want to send out a consistent message and keep your brand uniform, it is important to choose a specific filter (one that suits your brand best) and then stick to it.

Before deciding on a filter, we recommend that you see what your Instagram feed will look like with that particular filter. Does it create a soft and dreamy look and feel, or does it make your photos pop and look bold? As long as the effect is something you are aiming for, chances are you have made the right decision for your choice of filter.

Your Colour Scheme Is Essential

If you really want to make your Instagram feed look incredibly professional and well laid-out, you should consider using a specific colour scheme.

It should be quite easy to come up with a good colour scheme if you think about the shades, hues and colours that you believe you will use most often in your Instagram photos.

For instance, if your photos have an ocean theme, your natural colour scheme will be blue and green. A coffee-focused Instagram feed would do well with a brown and white colour scheme.

Once you have posted a dozen or so images on Instagram, your feed will look beautiful with its colour theme, and you will be glad that you chose it!

Edit Your Posts Carefully

When it comes to Instagram, it is always better to hold out on posting something if you haven’t had the chance to edit it properly yet.

A poorly edited image that doesn’t fit with the overall look and feel for your brand can spoil your entire Instagram page, and it is, therefore, better to take your time and do things correctly right off the start.

Use the Best Tools for the Creation of Your Instagram Posts

The most successful Instagram users all have one thing in common: they use excellent and highly-rated tools for their posts.

Some of the best tools for Instagram include:

  • Miro. This is a great tool for creating mood boards and more. With Miro, you can take a single idea and brainstorm other associations and thoughts, making it a wonderful way to become inspired.
  • Pinterest. A wonderful platform for brainstorming ideas and collecting concepts. You can also follow others on Pinterest and gain ideas from people in a similar industry to you. Just a warning that Pinterest can be quite addictive!
  • Behance. This platform can give you some inspiration from other designers. Here, you would be amazed at how you can take your brand and its simple concept and then create something more complex and interesting.
  • Animoto and Movavi can help you professionally edit your photos and videos. Since editing your photos and videos is crucial to help your brand look professional, take care not to overlook this step.

These tools can be used independently or simultaneously – in any way you feel they will best help your Instagram account.

Use Hashtags Cleverly and Sparely

There can be nothing more irritating than an Instagram account that uses hashtags excessively.

In the same vein, hashtags can help you promote your business, and it is all about striking the right balance.

Using two or three key hashtags per post is something to aim for – anything more, and you run the risk of annoying your followers and losing fans. 

Although it can take some time, it is well worth developing your own style for Instagram. With its visual appeal, Instagram is an excellent platform for marketing.

It also doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, as Instagram is perfect for most brands. So try to explore with the platform. To reach the top faster, you may try to get Instagram followers app.

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