How to Get Your Instagram Branding Right

How to Get Your Instagram Branding Right

In this article we discuss How to Get Your Instagram Branding Right.

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing social networks. It has proven to be a powerful marketing tool for companies looking to increase their visibility and brand awareness.

The reason being, it’s the capacity to allow individuals and businesses to showcase themselves via a visual narrative.

It’s no wonder that this has become a big hit amongst the visually inclined demographic. To appeal to this demographic, it is crucial to use all of the functionality available on this website branding efforts.

So here’s a quick guide to help you get this right…

Benefits of Having an Instagram Brand

1. Builds Trust

Trust and conviction are important facets to the success of any business. A professionally curated and put-up feed with customer stories and feedback aligned with your business’s brand tone will develop trust among your followers and increase your Instagram growth.

Thus, this will drive more sales as people tend to buy products or services from people they trust.

Content visuals and effects must match your business website and other social media profiles. This shows the brand’s authenticity, and the audience will value uniformity.

2. Makes it easy for people to recognize you

Successful Instagram branding will enable the audience to recognize your brand. When followers see your post in the feed they will know that you made it.

They’ll want to like it and comment on it. And if you replicate this theme on your other social networks, it will help you attract the same followers quickly. 

3. Helps you attract the right audience

Reaching and captivating the right audience is critical to the success of advertising and branding, especially if you use Instagram to grow your email list.

This is especially necessary on a network like Instagram where there are over a billion users.

If you get your branding wrong you will attract the wrong audience. They might follow you, but they won’t engage with your content or buy the products you sell. 

How to Brand Your Account

1. Use a good profile picture.

The logo or profile picture creates the first impression in the audience’s mind. Its branding is equally important as it speaks volumes about the business or company.

Select a photo that is visually cohesive across all your social media profiles to boost instant recognition. Consequently, this will create an authoritative and recognizable brand identity.

How to Improve Your Instagram Engagement

Bear in mind that the goal is to use a profile picture or logo tuning with the brand’s value and style. The font and text style in the pictures must create a professional and visual facade.

2. Write a captivating bio.

Write a persuasive and welcoming bio for your Instagram page reflecting your brand message. This will paint an instant picture in the audience’s mind about the company’s image.

It communicates to people who you are and what you do or what you sell. In addition, this brief sentence can include your business tagline or even company-branded hashtags.

The bio gives you the space to inform people why they should care about the business, the brand, and its offering.

Concentrate on writing an Instagram bio that accurately defines your brand’s distinct value proposition. In other words, it should factor into the Instagram branding strategy.

3. Use a similar color palette for your content.

Consider using your brand’s color palette to create content for your feed and posts. Create photos, videos, and other media with a similar effect, filters, and consistent color scheme to make a brand “theme” for your account.

Improve Instagram Engagement

To create stories, you can use the color selection tool to find the exact color match by copying and pasting an image from your “brand palette” folder into the Instagram Stories editor.

For in-feed posts, you can use a third-party image editor. They tend to have branding kits and templates that make it easy to stay consistent. 

4. Have a consistent brand voice

Reflect a consistent brand personality in photos, posts, videos, and captions. It can be either comical, friendly, informative, helpful, or educational.

Content aesthetics, hashtags, and captions must highlight your business’s voice and reinforce your brand identity.

Remember that consistency in your Instagram feed is key to helping people quickly and effortlessly recognize your brand and services.

Never forget that every post should be different, of course, but it must have the same “feel.”

5. Create templates

Templates are the best and easiest way to implement a branding strategy. Creating templates with a uniform color tone, style, and format makes on-brand content development easy.

Several graphic design tools come with pre-built templates with text, filters, graphics, and animation effects. These can be edited as per the need to fit each new brand story. 

You can also buy templates on sites that sell templates separately. But if you want something unique, you should hire a designer.

They’ll take your brand, target audience, and other details into consideration to come up with powerful templates that bring results. 

Make sure you create templates for both in-feed posts and stories. As you need to consistently post different types of posts. 

6. Follow a consistent schedule.

Regular posting of content is essential, and so is the time of posting. Assess your creative and business strategy to come up with the perfect post frequency.

Stick to these schedules as your followers will expect new content specifically at that time. You can also use an Instagram scheduling tool to schedule your posts in advance.

Post often and enough to let the audience know that you are there, which will also keep them engaged. But doing so, remember not to overdo it and make the account overwhelming.

Maintain a sense of balance, continuity, and consistency.


Instagram, since its inception, has the potential to propel a business’s branding as it serves as a visual storyboard.

Getting the Instagram branding done right and cohesively will raise the followers and engagement count.

This will dramatically increase the business image, brand recognition, presence, and, eventually, revenue. 

Analyze trends as you move through your branding strategy to evaluate what works in achieving your business goals.

You’ll find the best solution for Instagram branding with the correct approach and a little experimentation.

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