6 Creative marketing strategies to boost your brand visibility

6 Creative Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Brand Visibility

Making your brand more visible can boost its trustworthiness, spread its reputation further afield, and generally enhance the prospects of your entire organization. In this article we discuss 6 Creative Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Brand Visibility.

This is all well and good in theory, but gaining the traction you crave is a challenge, especially if you are stumped for creative ways to manage your marketing efforts.

To give you the leg up you need, here are just a handful of impact tactics that could be your ticket to improved brand visibility and business growth resulting from this.

Put Your Brand in the Hands of Clients With Corporate Gifts

6 Creative marketing strategies to boost your brand visibility

The corporate gifting market is growing by the year, and there are a lot of good reasons for its current purple patch, chief amongst which is the positive effect on brand recognition it can have.

Promotional products that are passed out to people at industry events, gifted to visitors to your office and shipped out to loyal customers free of charge when the occasion merits it, will do wonders for your brand’s visibility.

And by highlighting your logo on them, you will continue to benefit from the higher profile that this gives your branding for months or even years at a time.

Aside from the warm glow that everyone gets when they receive something for nothing, giving corporate gifts is a good brand-building strategy thanks to the following advantages:

  • You can combine your logos and corporate colors to great effect on wearable items like t-shirts, baseball caps and hoodies that people will want to wear out and about for all to see.
  • Your choice of promotional products can reflect your brand value and company culture; for example, a reusable water bottle with your logo on it will speak to your efforts to improve sustainability.
  • Your branded gifts can be practical, increasingly the likelihood they will be used and even passed on to others by the recipient. Branded umbrellas and USB memory sticks are two great examples of this.

While corporate gifting is not a new tactic for growing the visibility of your brand, the way you go about it can definitely be boundary-pushing.

You need to think beyond the basics and instead embrace a multifaceted approach to promotional product design that is intertwined with what makes your business special and unique.

Since there is so much variety and choice when it comes to the products you can emblazon with your logo design today, you can get seriously creative.

Use Infographics to Encourage Organic Sharing of Branded Content

Every business can benefit from creating branded content in the era of social media, but the trick is to pick a solution that is not just suited to your particular industrial niche, but also eminently sharable and likely to encourage people to spread the word without you having to pay a penny for the privilege.

Infographics are ideal in this context, because web users love to discover new facts and pass them on to the people in their networks.

This all comes down to making the data you are sharing easier to digest, so rather than wrapping it up in a longer article or shoving it part way through a video, you can put it front and centre with a visually-led infographic presentation that gets the point across in a matter of seconds, not minutes.

So while the organic sharing ability of info-graphics is unquestionable, what about the brand visibility advantages? That is where careful, creative design comes into play.

Adding your company logo to the top of the info-graphic is a good starting point, but you can build upon this further by using your corporate colors throughout, informing the overall aesthetic and subtly embedding these aspects of your organization’s identity in the minds of readers.

You can also use illustrations, charts and images as part of an info-graphic to further link it with your brand identity, and of course put in facts and figures that portray your business and industry in a positive light.

The final advantage worth mentioning in relation to branded info-graphics is that their innate share-ability and organic appeal means that you do not need to rely solely on optimizing search algorithms to make sure your brand gets put in front of people who will be interested in it.

You do not even need to commission any unique research yourself; so long as you quote reputable sources, you can put infographics together quickly and affordable, which makes them even more appealing for up and coming companies with tighter marketing budgets to work around.

Spice Up Your Website With Interactive Elements

So with infographics you can cover the share-ability of your brand in external services, but what about getting people to come to your  website and engage with your business on terms that you can control completely?

Once again, bog standard SEO is an effective but not especially exciting way to go about drawing the right audience to your site.

But if you want to do this in a more innately creative way, integrating interactive elements is a nice touch.

There are lots of potential routes to take here, and it is best to consider some common examples of website interactivity which can enhance brand visibility.

A business that offers business insurance or finance products could add a mortgage cost calculator or interest rate assessment tool which visitors can enter their details into and get an instant result.

A company committed to providing self-storage and removal services could offer an interactive checklist that lets visitors make sure they have everything they need organized before they commit to the purchase of a particular package.

Clearly the interactivity needs to be relevant to your target audience, otherwise you may see a rise in traffic but ultimately stagnant conversion rates.

This is an example of where building brand visibility is more about quality than about sheer quantity, and your marketing ROI will be far more favorable if you bear this in mind all the time.

Host Competitions on Social Media

We have already spoken about the power of social media as a platform for sharing branded content, but it can also be used to boost brand visibility in a more interactive, proactive way.

Creating a competition that your followers can enter is ideal in this scenario, and also has that all-important flexibility which allows you to tailor the terms of entry to match your industry and the values of your business.

Take the example of a small company centered around dog grooming. Customers of such firms would certainly be interested in dog-related content, and likely be proud dog owners themselves.

You can tap into this by running a competition for customers to submit pictures of their pooches and offer the winner a discount on your products and services.

A similar approach will work in almost every other industry niche: set up a simple competition where customers and clients can enter, make sure your brand is front and center throughout, attach a desirable freebie or discount as a prize and use social media to share this far and wide.

With the right combination, you can find that your brand crops up in the social feeds of far more people than are already following your accounts, which in turn will boost awareness, even if not everyone who sees the competition applies to participate.

Competitions sit at the more complex end of the spectrum of social media marketing campaigns you can run, so here are a few other, simpler options to consider:

  • Use quizzes, surveys and polls to generate follower engagement with branded posts.
  • Generate hashtags that make it easy for people to find your content, and for them to join in with your social media activities.
  • Don’t be afraid to pay to promote your posts; so long as the content is good enough, this will give your brand the visibility injection it needs.

Explore the World of Podcasting

After a long period of growth and evolution, podcasts are finally big business and attract a vast and varied listenership.

In terms of harnessing them for the purposes of building your brand, there are a couple of main ways to go about this.

First, you could launch your very own podcast. All you need is an inexpensive microphone, a laptop and someone to host and edit it together for you.

A branded podcast is an increasingly common promotional tool used by businesses of all sizes to engage directly with customers, clients and industry insiders.

And while some niches are fairly saturated at this point, others are underserved and thus ripe for the picking, if you are bold enough to act quickly.

Secondly, you could choose to add your sponsorship to an established podcast, utilizing this in much the same way as you would a traditional radio ad.

The main difference here, of course, is that you can be far more discerning in terms of the audience you target.

Rather than broadcasting your marketing material to anyone who happens to have tuned in at a given time, you can pick to sponsor a podcast that is undeniably of interest to people who will have an affinity for your brand.

It is this kind of micro-targeted maneuvering that can make all the difference.

Get Out Into The Community

Brand visibility is not just something you need to build using digital marketing tools and web-based platforms; you can also gain recognition and establish trust if you connect with the community in your local area.

From sponsoring sports teams to hosting charity events, community-facing business activities can do a lot to generate good will towards your firm, which is important whether you are just starting out or are already well established.

There are also passive ways to gain traction with your brand in your local area, such as using vinyl wrapping to create eye-catching graphics on your company vehicles. This will act in much the same way as promotional products mentioned earlier, but will be more obviously linked to your organization.

Wrapping Up

These examples of creative marketing strategies to boost your brand visibility are just the tip of the iceberg.

It is best to experiment with a number of different approaches, study their impact and select those that work well for your business.

Good marketing is all about trial and error, as well as knowing when you need to make a change to send your brand soaring higher.

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