12 New Organic Strategies To Grow Your Instagram Followers

12 New Organic Strategies To Grow Your Instagram Followers

Finding the best ways to develop followers on Instagram may be complicated for new marketers. Also, you can’t do anything without followers on the platform. You can run ads regularly and it gets you more traffic to your landing page. In this article, we share 12 New Organic Strategies To Grow Your Instagram Followers.

It is not an easy thing to acquire followers. Everyone needs a target audience for their business, and also they want them quickly. But if you know the strategies for growing your followers organically, you can reach your business to a broader audience. Focus on and develop your Instagram style before you start posting. 

Let’s see the 12 organic strategies to develop your follower count on Instagram.

Focus on Followers Quality

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Many people agree with the wrong fact that acquiring massive followers could attract many audiences because they look famous. Even if you have 1000 followers who are more active and like your niche, they are equal to 10,000 followers. 

Having numerous followers on your account without engaging in your posts and not being active on the platform would eradicate your business reach. So gaining followers in the standard of quality is essential rather than quantity.

Focus on Posts Quality

Instagram is a beautiful world of virtuality. People love visuals more than texts. They spend more time on the platform to know more about products and lifestyles. They need to be inspired through what they get on Instagram.

You must know everything about posting content on the platform because people won’t use Instagram to get just product descriptions or read lengthy pictures. And also, they don’t follow any account that uploads low-quality pictures or selfies. They love images that convert them.

Don’t forget that your picture is the message, so share HQ pictures that ideally provide a message. As already said, people love visuals; that’s the reason Instagram and YouTube stand at the top of the social media networks. Providing the audience what they need is a great strategy to grow followers organically.

Use bold images, contrasts, and images to get attracted. Gain more audience attention through a specific pattern or colour theme. When a person is scrolling through their feed, they want to recognize your content promptly through the colour pattern or theme.

Upload Post Regularly

Be active every day on the platform. It’s a hard thing for every business. Sometimes they can’t upload anything for a week. But focusing your business presence on a social media platform like Instagram is crucial for development. 

Stick with the perfect theme for your posts. Upload at least one post every day to maintain an engaged audience. Instagram acquires many enthusiastic fans. Though your single content sparks out your business, being consistent gets you the perfect result. 

The platform promotes the profiles which acquire significant engagement on the Explore page and are more consistent. Instagram believes that they are the profile types people need to get and follow. Get your Instagram branding right.

Schedule Your Post

Timing always matters like other social media networks. The audience loves to get your content when they browse the platform. The time you choose to upload is the crucial factor on Instagram to gain more visitors and followers.

Many professional mates are likely to get on the platform in their break sections. If those are your target audience for your business, then catch these peak hours. If your target audience is from a restaurant niche, you need to upload them before lunch and dinner sessions to get people thinking about where to take food.

Upload every day at the perfect time for your audience. Test multiple times to get the ideal time to upload content.

Understand Your Audience

Understanding what and when to upload is necessary to bring more followers to the platform for your business or brand.

There are over 30 million businesses on the platform. The number increases every year. Trying to get everyone is an impossible fact. So targeting the right audience for your business helps you create video content and images that your particular audience appreciates. 

Do more research to get your target audience. Write more personas to develop your content.

Check and Learn

You need to build a strategy to bring an everyday experience. If you are paying keen attention to the platform, automatically, you would learn how to get it better.

You should know the time factor that you get more engagement. You will get which content attains the most clicks to your target page. You will begin to bring exact connections between revenues and posts.

A social media profile with an unoptimized factor includes both a waste of money and time. Spending time researching and testing destroys waste and maximizes your ROI.

Having a perfect manager for the profile is more important. Maintaining Instagram is not as easy as you think for your business. It takes more commitment to develop the following rates and acquire business results.

Be Social

Instagram is not a spot for comprehensive conversations. Many businesses are fantastic for this, and it is crucial to be social. When the audience comments on your post, they wish to engage with you. So, give a reply to every comment on your post; otherwise, the crowd goes elsewhere.

Suppose they comment like “good,” “beautiful,” reply with a thankful message. But if they take the time to comment on their experience or feelings, engagingly reply to them.

Interaction is a crucial part of gaining more followers. Just think off, if you comment on other’s content, their fans will get it. Through this, many might see those likes, and they would visit your profile. The more interactions on social media networks, the more fans you acquire on social platforms.

Hashtag Strategy

Hashtags are vital factors to grow your followers on the platform and develop your strategy. Get the hashtag types and how the audience is using them to get content on the platform.

Hashtag Types

There are various hashtag types you may want to know about. Every hashtag resembles a specific feature. Researching and using the right hashtags helps you gain more customers.

  • Industry Tags – This is a high purpose tag. You want it to get an audience who is unsure about a particular service, product, or brand to look for. Example: #Blogger, #Restaurant.
  • Niche Tags – Some audiences already know what they are searching for. For these audiences, you can use niche tags. Example: #Indianfood.
  • Branded Tags – It might be your brand name, or you have created for events or contests. 
  • Community Tags – Upload posts around the community to which your audience belongs. Your business is also a community. If you have developed a community on the platform, bring a community hashtag to it.
  • Location Tags – The location refers to the entire metro space, or it can be a neighborhood. #AsianRestaurants.
  • Event Tags – Do you conduct an event? Bring a specific hashtag to your event. Analyse various events and notify the hashtags how they are using them. Example: #Earthday2020.

Unlike Twitter (many hashtags are treated as tag spamming), more hashtags are concluded as the tremendous reach on Instagram. So, include multiple hashtags in your posts on the platform.

Difficulty with Hashtag

Hashtags can also have more difficulties, just like keywords, while performing SEO for your site. The hashtag is said to be a problematic tag when it contains over 1000 posts.

If it’s in the hundreds of rates, then it’s a low-difficult hashtag. Your content seems to get missed if someone searches for a complex hashtag. Your content will get to the top if someone searches for a low-difficult hashtag.

People can see and get your content on simple and easy hashtags. They are mostly industry or niche hashtags.

Just avoid high-difficult hashtags and use low-difficult hashtags to get your post at the top of the list.

Run Contest

Entertainment is the primary reason that most people are using social media networks. It also works with Instagram. Interacting more with your target audience in a fun way brings your social presence. Making contests and giveaways on Instagram is the perfect way to get this. 

Social media contests provide various purposes:

  • Engage existing fans: If you create a contest for your quality followers, you will get fantastic participation.
  • Gain a new audience who follows your fans: Your fan’s followers might have acquired the same values and interests. In simple words, they are the most targeted people. Contests on Instagram encourage the audience to share images relevant to your business or brands so that your fans’ followers can get them.
  • Begin a chain reaction: Your fans’ followers also need to participate in the contest too. It clearly shows that their followers also get your content and brand. The chain continues to go on. Most people need to win a contest that they are participating in. So, they share the contest with their friends and families as well to achieve the winning position.
  • Attain people looking for specific hashtags: Using the right hashtags for your content helps reach more audiences to participate. Do your hashtag strategy well.
  • Grab multiple followers: If they feel that your contests are so fun, they will follow you to get your next contest.
  • Grab new customers: You will get revenue generation from contests if you acquire a strategy to convert Insta fans to customers.

How To Bring a Contest On Instagram

  • Special prizes: The prizes should provide more value to your fans. 
  • Bring the rules: Encourage the audience to click on a relevant picture of your business or brand and ask them to tag the photo with your branded hashtag.
  • Make an attractive design: You must attain their attention. Make use of designs that perfectly suit your Instagram visuals.
  • Analyse your performance: Get more points from previous contests to grow continually.

Reward Your Fans

Provide the audience with the perfect reason to follow. Upload hacks and tricks they would appreciate in videos and images. Reply with “Thanks”; this could be a simple reward. Share some pictures and say your thanks to your top fans.

Grab Audience Again for Your Site

Though you interact and engage with the audience more on Instagram, you can honestly know them while having lunch or coffee with them. 

Your site is a perfect spot where you have complete control of conversations. Getting them to your site develops a strong brand connection. 

Integrate with Other Platforms

Instagram is the perfect way to attain people via social media. But don’t try to be on every social media network. Pick selectively and grow your presence.

Thus, you could interpret Instagram things to other platforms. Here are some ways to notify:

  • Upload guest content on a famous site to gain new followers. Place your Instagram handle in the bio section.
  • Upload a press release about something that goes into your industry.
  • Bring your Instagram hashtags to your content on other networks.
  • Invite your audience through email campaigns to follow you on Instagram.
  • Bring a website where you can bring your Instagram followers to the perfect website experience. 
  • Run Instagram and Facebook ads for your Instagram contests.


The points mentioned above are effective ways to grow your followers organically.

Post regularly and focus on quality rather than quantity. Apart from that organic growth, if you desire to have growth tools, then you may find out more about Social Boost. To understand more about the growth service, you may read the Social Boost review.

Be social and run contests. Acquire the perfect marketing strategy for the platform. Also follow these tips for new marketers on instagram.

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