4 Must-Have Marketing Strategies for Local Businesses

4 Must-Have Marketing Strategies for Local Businesses

It can be challenging to develop effective marketing strategies as a local business, in an increasingly online world. This is a place for older tried and true marketing methods, but more and more businesses are using increasingly creative ways to reach the locals. In this article we share 4 Must-Have Marketing Strategies for Local Businesses.

There are some factors that need considering before implementing a marketing strategy, such as a budget and the target audience; you should work these out before adopting any of the following strategies.

That being said, read on for four of the best marketing strategies for local businesses in 2021.

Online Presence

Some local businesses discount the importance of social media as they have hundreds of people driving and walking by their storefront daily.

However, an online presence is just as important as a physical one, more so in some cases if expanding is one of your long-term business goals.

If you haven’t already, you should create profiles on all the relevant channels, whether that is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even Pinterest.

Work out where your target audience spends the most time online and insert yourself into the narrative. Engage your potential consumers with your content.

Look at creating social media ads or research banner makers. Creatopy’s banner maker can help your digital ad campaign stand out, it’s easy to use, and you can have a banner ready in minutes; they offer pre-set sizes, so your banner will be perfect for whatever platform you choose.

If you haven’t updated your website in a while, now is the time. As your business and brand evolve, so should your website. Nowadays, it is vital to ensure that your website is optimized for mobile use as more people surf the net on their smartphones.

Next, consider what purpose your website serves;

  • Is it purely informative?
  • Do you sell through it?
  • Is it for customer relations?

For whatever purpose your website serves, make sure it is geared towards it, combine elements and implement SEO practices to ensure that your website ranks highly on search engine results.

Also, make sure you claim your digital assets, such as listings on local pages or guide sites to help your consumers find you.

Creating basic listings is free on most sites, or you can choose to upgrade or create sponsored ads.

Local Advertising

Depending on your consumer base, there are more localized methods for marketing. Newspapers remain a trusted source of information among consumers, particularly older consumers.

The local paper is a relatively cost-effective method you can use to reach your audience. Many local papers offer advertising features you can utilize.

Some local areas have special interest newspapers which you can use to advertise directly to your audience. Besides newspapers, there are also local magazines and trade publications as well as niche magazines that you can use to target a specific population.

Targeting the right consumers allows you an excellent chance to build brand awareness and consumer loyalty.

Broadcast radio is a consistently popular source of entertainment and information. Radio can be a highly targeted form of marketing.

Advertising on the right radio-station for your demographic can drive engagement and action. It also may cost less than you think.

Coupling forms of local advertising with an effective online presence is one of the strongest marketing strategies that you can implement as a local business owner.

Advertising Personal and Teaming Up with Other Local Businesses

Depending on your type of business and your standing within the local community, you may find that you have volunteer opportunities.

Speaking at events, helping out with local charities, or donating products to those in need can be an excellent way to market your business organically whilst also giving back to others.

Volunteering your time and while getting your business out there can help you network and make a number of new invaluable connections.

Try to say yes to as many of these opportunities as possible and get some of your team involved too, encourage your employees to join you at these events and help with the causes that matter.

Consider attending trade shows; you get to mingle with other like-minded people and get the added bonus of appealing directly to your target market face-to-face.

Although some bigger trade shows are expensive to attend, and so that option may not be particularly budget-friendly, there are smaller shows too.

These smaller shows are often hosted by a business association or particular industry. It is affordable and can help you get your products, services, and brands out there.

Aside from trade shows, you can also team up with other businesses in your local area to show your prospective consumers how community-minded you are.

As a collective, you can run a gimmick across all businesses or host a collaborative event. Selling a small amount of each other’s wares can increase brand recognition and allow you to share with customers, perhaps reaching people you wouldn’t usually.

Making friendships and serving alongside each other can form a bond that translates directly into sales. It can be one of the most organic methods you can use to market a local brand.

Offering Incentives

Incentives can be helpful in drumming up new business as well as encouraging repeat business. Everyone loves to feel like they’ve got a good deal; consider offering incentives like giveaways, discounts, or free trials.

They don’t have to run all the time but try to do them somewhat regularly. You can market these incentives both online and in-store. For loyal customers, try to personalize these incentives a little.

For example, offer them a discount on repeat business or for referring a new customer. This can get you two new sales for a mere 10% discount; ultimately, you are still winning.

In Conclusion

It’s never too late to take a new approach to your marketing strategies. However, you may have already begun to implement a few of the strategies mentioned above.

In fact, most businesses can stand to benefit from a fresh perspective and an improvement in marketing strategies. For many local businesses, an optimal approach to advertising will require a combination of the above tactics.

Take the time to do some research and work out what the best fit for you is.

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