Fonts & Typeface in Advertising - Why They Matter

Fonts & Typeface in Advertising – Why They Matter?

We have always heard that for proper brand awareness and marketing, you should always come up with worth admiring content that grasps the public’s attention immediately, but do you know the fonts you use in the content has equal importance? In this article, we take a look at Fonts & Typeface in Advertising – Why They Matter?

In Marketing, the essential element is precise readability and understandability, and what if the marketing content is all messed up because of the wrong selection of fonts? Have you ever made your marketing experience worse because of a bad choice of fonts?

Many people who belong to this field might have gone through it, so I thought why not make a complete guide to address every detail regarding fonts’ selection during Marketing. By the end of this guide, you will know how to use fonts in the content for proper Marketing.

The Importance of Fonts

What if you come through an advertising form, but it will be hard for you to understand what’s written on it? Would you visit that agency or company, or would you throw the form? This is due to the wrong choice of fonts. Make your content eye-catching by using proper fonts so that people at once understand what message you are trying to convey.

‘How we say’ and ‘what we say’ are the 2 major elements of content, so both should have a powerful impact on the audience. Let’s discuss a few points that reflect the importance of well known fonts used by brands in Marketing and why one should take care of these aspects before choosing fonts.

1. Readability is the Key Element

On a daily basis, we come across fonts written on a billboard, in a restaurant or cafe, fonts are also displayed in web design. A few fonts click our eyes immediately, while on a few fonts, we don’t pay any attention. Why? It is all because of the selection of moderate and finished fonts.

The content or phrase written with proper fonts clicks our mind, and we can’t resist appreciating it. Do you know that more than half a percent of visitors leave your website knowing that it is not the right place or an appropriate route to the service they are looking for?

If the words are too short to understand or the combination of fonts isn’t complementing each other, or each line contains too many words, every reader gets frustrated. They better visit any other website. It takes a lot of factors to maintain the readability, and those who are professional graphic designers might know the struggle.

Hence, if you want to do proper marketing, apart from writing pre-eminent content, you have to be concerned about the font preference. From selecting the right combination of fonts to ensure the contrast and color, everything should be up to mark in order to grasp the public’s attention.

2. Each Font Develops Different Emotions

If we talk about many fonts, we will find unlimited, yet the 2 main types of fonts often used include Serif Fonts and Sans-Serif Font. Do you know that each font depicts a particular emotion and trust? To understand the specific font’s feeling, one should know about Font Psychology because only then will it be easy for you to get the hands on the right fonts.

The most traditional font, Serif Font, develops a feeling of heritage and class. It produces a trust between you and your audience that will be long lasting. If you want to build brand awareness formally, then the Serif font would be the best choice.

On the other hand, Sans-Serif fonts are modern, clean, and engaging fonts. It creates a sense of honesty and is used by the brands who want to convey their message straightforwardly. If we talk about specific fonts then we will surely say that Avenir font is one of the highly used Sans-serif fonts that is used by various notable companies and brands.

These Serif and Sans-Serif fonts don’t distract your eyes and make your logo design and marketing content easy and simple to understand. Each font develops different emotions, so before using it, one should understand its psyche.

3. Consistency Should Be Maintained

Maintaining consistency is another crucial factor that you should be cautious about regarding content marketing or brand marketing. When it comes to content marketing consistency, you should publish your content more often because it is the right way to stick your audience to your site.

Consistency develops an engaging audience. On the other hand, brand consistency means to keep updating your audience regarding a particular brand. Otherwise, it will create a poor impression on the public. Make proper use of social media platforms to keep your audience engaged and up to date regarding your brand.

Always remember not to mix duplication with consistency. There should be a flow in your content and keep it in a way that your brand becomes easily recognizable.

4. Hierarchy is Important

Hierarchy is significant on the grounds that it sorts out and ranks the data introduced. You can grasp people’s attention by presenting the content with the headings, subheadings, and body of the content in various text dimensions.

As such, each part remains virtually recognizable and permits customers to deal with data quicker. Presenting the data accurately is crucial for advertising because it greatly impacts the visitor’s mind, and they are likely to understand the message immediately you want to convey.

By taking care of a few essential points regarding Typography, you can have worth admiring advertising of your brand and content. If you are running an advertising agency, you might know how crucial it is to pay special consideration on the font’s selection.


We can’t deny how content plays an essential role in making your brand successful, but we also can’t deny that it’s worth praising content that comes from the right selection of fonts. The ability to pick the right font comes with experience and deep understanding.

If you want to make your content class apart, you should be careful about Typographies minor factors. This guide depicts those points that one should keep in mind during Advertising or Marketing of content or brand. I am sure this article will help you to make the proper use of fonts in the future.

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