Font Psychology and Typography Inspiration in Logo Design

Font Psychology and Typography Inspiration in Logo Design

There is a lot of current research related to typography these days. This is a topic of great interest to logo designers. As we all know that logo has been a powerful force for a long time, and it has a big impact on company branding. Join us in this article as we look at Font Psychology and Typography Inspiration in Logo Design.

Typography has a big relation with logo designing so that’s a reason we are going to discuss these things in details. Including the effects that different typography will have on a design. We will look at what we can expect to influence our readers.

When making a choice regarding a logo we need an even more careful look at our decisions. When designing a website, document or any other piece of content we would have a lot of options.

This is not only the case with logo design. Here we need to convey our message with very few elements. A word or two may very well be all you get, and we have to make the most out of them.

Let’s talk about a few details that will make a big difference.

Color Is a Big Deal

There is a good deal of research that shows how colors affect our perception of a specific item. We link specific emotions to particular colors without even knowing it. As you can imagine this is going to impact the way your content and specifically your Logo are received.

You should make the effort to learn about color theory as it relates to psychology. It is an investment that is very much worth your time. You will not regret making that decision.

Serif and Sans Serif

Let’s start now with a bit of fonts psychology.

We will not go in-depth here to list the specifics, but you should know that there are specific associations regarding Serif and Sans Serif types of fonts. Serif fonts are considered in general to be more traditional, they evoke trust and have an older style to them.

Sans Serif type fonts, on the other hand, have less flair to them. They are considered to be more modern and clearer. A lot cleaner overall.

Fonts and Emotions in Logo Design

The list is quite long when it comes to linking specific emotions and fonts. There has been a lot of work done to be very precise about these relationships.

You can probably find a very detailed account of this online and we will not go each and everyone here. We will go over the basics and name a few.

We already mentioned the difference between Serif and Sans Serif. Both from a design and from a psychological stand-point. There are a few subsets of these types of fonts that are worth mentioning, we will not go into specific fonts here. Except for one.

Script Type

A sub-set of Serif, this particular type is very fancy-looking. It will evoke affinity. It is not always the most readable choice, so be careful.

Slab Serif

Just as their name states these types are a subset of the Serif type. What sets them apart is their specific slab. They will convey solidity and confidence.


The modern type is not so modern. It is actually quite old. The goal with this type of fonts is to be simple and legible, so they will convey a feeling of pragmatism.


A typeface is one of the best type of font that many designers would love to use. Especially in logo design. Here we are also going to discuss the most popular typeface.

This is a font that was commissioned to be geometrical. Since Gotham font creation, it has been used in a variety of designs. A lot of those are official in nature.  The Gotham font has been also used in political campaigns and for government-issued communications for instance.

Typography Inspiration in Logo Design

Sometimes it is great to get some typography inspiration from different sources, there are great sites online and also great publications to inspire yourself and promote your own creativity.

Typography has a very important role in logo designing. Because without a creative and unique font a logo is nothing. We always have to take care of the font while going to design any specific logo for our client’s project.

There are many types of typography. You will even find thousands of font families on the web and each of them has different designs. But it’s our decision to choose one of them for our designs.

As we mentioned before it can be hard to design a logo without a professional font. The reason is that you have very few things to use for it. You may have a handful of words to work with, many times you will have only one or two.

If you are using fonts in logo design it means that at least you have one, that is good. You have to ensure that all the details are right.

If you do have more than one word you might be tempted to mix up more that one font. Be very careful when doing this. It is usually not recommended to put more than three different fonts on any design, much less so on a logo.


We hope that you will have a better understanding of this. The relation between font psychology and logo design is clear and should not be overlooked when designing any product.

Make sure that you put everything you have at your disposal towards your goal. This includes color, fonts, spacing, and the interaction between these elements. This will ensure that you make an impactful logo that fits your needs.


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