7 Powerful Tips That Will Improve Your Brand Awareness

7 Powerful Tips That Will Improve Your Brand Awareness

Branding is a crucial aspect of any company that aims to be unique and successful. 89% of B2B marketers consider creating brand awareness one of their most significant goal followed by lead generation and conversions. Your brand is what makes your business to stand out and win against competitors. In this article, we give you 7 Powerful Tips That Will Improve Your Brand Awareness.

Today, many companies are investing a lot of money to increase the awareness of their brand because they recognize its importance.

What are brand awareness, brand recall, and brand recognition? 

Brand awareness is the extent to which the product or service you offer is known by potential customers or is familiar to everyone in general. However, it is different from brand recall and recognition.

Brand recall is the extent to which your brand is connected to a class of products by customers, or otherwise the extent to which a customer remembers your brand as a particular class of products.

For instance, if you were asked to name your favorite carbonated drink, there is a 50% chance that you will mention well-known brands such as Pepsi or Coca-Cola. If people are talking about premium automobiles, your first thought will be BMW or Mercedes. It is unaided awareness that is connected deeply to your memory. Customers will always recall a strong brand more.

Brand recognition, on the other hand, how a customer can identify your brand without necessarily seeing your business’s name. It is aided awareness because it requires a connection with the things around you to remember the brand.

For instance, you cannot mistake a Coca-Cola beverage bottle with any other companies when placed on a shop shelf. You will not need to check the label to tell if it is Coca-Cola. For cars, it is when you see the vehicle that you can tell what model it is.

Identity, packaging, logo, and advertising are some of the factors that aid in brand recognition. However, it can be negative or positive. It is the factor that influences a customer to make the decision of whether or not to purchase your product.

Study shows that 59% of consumers tend to purchase from familiar those that they are familiar with. However, brand recognition and recall are like the horse and its carriage. There can be no recall if there is no recognition.

Why is brand awareness so important?

Brand awareness builds trust with your target audience. It conveys your business experience and further increases the credibility of your products and services. Study shows that brands with high awareness enjoy a remarkable preference from customers regardless of the quality or price. It has also been proven that such businesses grow faster and enjoy more sales. The awareness prays a major role in building brand equity as compared to advertising. It is the major aspect that contributes to repeat customers, referrals and new leads. If you want your business to thrive and stand out from your competitors, invest in creating awareness. Here are 7 Powerful Tips That Will Improve Your Brand Awareness

1.   Be consistent with your brand image

It only takes 10 seconds for people to form an impression of your brand. It is within these 10 seconds that a customer decides if they like what you are offering and whether they will stay on your website to look for more. Thus, having different brand images on different channels does not create a good impression on your customers, it only leads to confusion and reduces your brand awareness. Presenting your business in a consistent way contributes to a 23% increase in average revenue. The image, message, voice, and identity you create about your brand should be consistent across all channels. For instance, what you present on Facebook should be the same on Instagram, and on your website too. Consistency allows your target audience to be able to have a better recognition of your brand, hence amplifying awareness. You have to follow a social media content plan, so time management planning is essential.

2.   Develop your brand identity

Your identity is the personality and the promises your business makes to your consumers. It is what your customers go with after interacting with your brand. It is the values and feelings your business communicates with your customers when they interact with it.

A strong brand identity translates to more awareness. You can strengthen it by developing a logo, name, and URL which have a positive effect on your conversion rates. For example, Nike, Coca-Cola, or Apple have very simple logos but are globally recognized. That is the power of brand identity in creating awareness.

Next time you are on a digital marketing program, ensure to put your logo and brand name on your profile to make it the first thing your customers see before they begin interacting with your brand. A unique identity improves brand awareness.

3.   Use engaging and compelling content

Content is the king! So, they say. Investing in content marketing increases engagement, which in return leads to enhanced brand awareness. Focus on creating personalized content. 56% of marketers believe that personalization increases the activity of users.

Customers want a brand to represent their persona and needs. They also expect your business to know them and provide products that solve their problems. To achieve this and meet their expectations, ensure the content you create on your site is educative, relevant, engaging, and compelling.

Do not forget to invest in visual content such as native videos, infographics, photos or other kinds of images that are personalized, and tell a story about you. 80% of people remember more of what they see than what they read.

Visual content has the effect of tapping into the emotions of your customers, thus enhancing your brand identity. Make sure your content marketing strategy is interactive by providing your consumers with a platform to leave comments, share and subscribe to your site’s content. This cultivates your relationship with your audience leading to more brand awareness.

7 Powerful Tips That Will Improve Your Brand Awareness in 2019

4.   Tap into social media campaigns

If you have not created an online presence for your brand, you are losing a lot of potential leads to your competitors. The population of social media users, especially in sites such as Facebook Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube, is massive, and so is your target audience.  Statistics indicate that 92% of marketers use social media as their marketing strategy. Also, 68% of small businesses have a social media profile.

Social media increases your brand awareness and helps you establish a direct connection with your customers. To ensure your social media campaign of improving your brand awareness is effective, target specific groups using the personal information of users that is available, that is, their geographic locations, profession, age, gender among others, instead of targeting everyone in general.

Be active by frequently sharing quality and appealing Infographics, videos, live events videos and interesting stories on your page.

Create catchy CTAs to compel your followers to tag friends, share, comment and like your posts, thus increasing brand awareness. Go further to support your social media campaigns with cross-promotional tactics such as giveaways and contests which get your brand name out there.

For instance, you can offer gifts to customers who subscribe to your site. For contests, request your followers to tag their friends, share and like your contest post on social media, thus exposing it to a wider target audience. Remember to not dwell so much on self-promotion. 45% of people will unfollow a business on social media if it dwells too much on self-promotion.

5.   Work with influencers

Influencer marketing is another critical aspect that improves brand awareness and leads to more sales. Statistics demonstrate that 22% of marketers consider this strategy as the most cost-effective way of customer acquisition while 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendation to make a decision about purchasing a product.

It is the art of finding people who are already established in their niche industry, have networks and the credibility of huge audiences, then using them to promote your business.

Influencers are people who have already gained trust from the audience, thus, if they were to mention your brand or post a picture of your product on social media, their awareness of your brand improves significantly.

Another way to exploit the power of influencer marketing is to have an influencer as a spokesman in an event you have sponsored, or having them dress in your branded clothing while performing their art, thus making them your walking billboards.

6.   Provide good customer service

Did you know 73% of consumers will love a brand because of its great customer service? If you can’t spend resources developing a fancy logo for your business, at least focus on providing excellent customer experiences. It yields a lot of positive results such as improved brand awareness, repeat customers, referrals and new leads.

Poor customer experience resulting from bad support service will destroy your brand, which is a catastrophe for any company. Insist on excellent customer service across all aspects of your marketing strategy to helps you get positive reviews from your customers.

It is no secret that today, customers make decisions to purchase a product by following recommendations and reviews of other customers instead of the advertisement and product descriptions. Your loyal customers will be your ambassadors and create more brand awareness.

7 Powerful Tips That Will Improve Your Brand Awareness in 2019

7.   Invest in SEO

It will surprise you the effect Search Engine Optimization has on brand awareness. Researching SEO strategies that relate to your brand helps to set you apart from the flock.

Make sure your website ranks on top of search engines results by ensuring that visitors find your website easily when they key in particular keywords. This ensures that you attract people who are interested in products, such as yours, to your site.

Most potential customers do not look past the first page of search results. Capitalize on such traffic by ensuring you provide the best user experience to promote your brand. Optimized content will help you to overtake your competitors, and get clicks from potential customers.

Therefore, ensure that you provide relevant content on your site to reduce the chances of visitors leaving your site to go back to the search results to look for a more informative site. This negatively affects your SEO ranking and brand awareness.


Creating brand awareness is key to the success of any business. Use these 7 Powerful Tips That Will Improve Your Brand Awareness. Whichever technique you decide to use for your business, make it unique, consistent, and positive to get the best results.

You can test different techniques to find out which approach resonates well with your audience and generates more traffic to your website and social media platforms. Also, use tools such as

Google Analytics to monitor your awareness progress, and to find out which areas you need to improve. Make it your primary goal to use brand awareness strategies that ensure you remain at the top of your consumers’ minds, thus making your brand powerful.

We hope these 7 Powerful Tips That Will Improve Your Brand Awareness have been helpful and be sure to leave any comments below.

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