8 Effective Ways To Improve Brand Loyalty

8 Effective Ways To Improve Brand Loyalty

Loyalty is the attitude of customers to your brand. Loyal clients don’t just make a purchase. They leave good reviews, recommend the brand to friends, and actively promote it on social networks. Even if you have a high-quality product, you won’t form and retain customer loyalty without additional work. In this article, you will find out 8 Effective Ways To Improve Brand Loyalty, getting your client to come back, make a repeat purchase, and recommend your brand to others.

Brand loyalty is the customers’ desire to buy and interact with a brand over and over again. It’s the consequence of an ongoing positive customer experience and the quality of products.

Loyalty is a measure of a client’s attitude toward a brand. Usually, it reflects the probability of their repeated cooperation with your company.

Content marketing is an effective way to increase customer loyalty and retention. It also helps you gather information about your target audience.

Get an idea of what content they like, what it should be about, and in what form. Use this data to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns. Here are 8 proven ways to build and retain brand loyalty:

1. Create Useful Content

Now the trend is content marketing — creating useful content for the audience. It should solve customers’ problems, not advertise goods. The task of such content is to help users understand the field of your business: finance, IT, tourism, etc.

To increase loyalty, content marketing works according to the following scheme:

  1. Clients are looking for useful information on the Web and stumble upon your blog or social networks.
  2. According to articles and posts on social networks, they understand that you are experts in your field.
  3. Clients remember your brand name, subscribe to your newsletters and social networks, and leave comments.
  4. If they need service, they will turn to you. You have already heard and convinced clients of your competence. You also answered their questions and didn’t impose your services.

For example, an essay writing company (that gets pay for essay cheap) makes bets not only on direct advertising of the brand. The company understands it has numerous competitors in the market for writing services. So, it solves specific user problems, such as how to summarize an article without plagiarizing it with its blog articles.

To increase customer loyalty, we recommend you use:

●  Your Successful Cases

A case study is an example of how a company’s products can help clients solve specific problems. They help clients understand the product’s features and learn more about the options for its use.

●  Feedback

Give preference to a video format because it helps users visualize the product.

● Tutorials, Guides, Infographic

If your product requires special knowledge for its use, make sure to place training materials – not only videos but also articles.

●  Branded Content

That could be magazines, articles, videos, posts on social networks, which are not directly related to the promoted product. They shouldn’t contain direct advertising! Instead, the content should bring a useful or emotional message to the target audience. It allows them to establish a strong connection with the brand.

Of course, not every business owner is a good content writer. Sure, you can take courses and read books to brush up your writing skills. But if you still don’t have that talent, working with professional writing companies is the best possible alternative. Professional content writers will know how to make content more valuable and engaging. They will do any kind of writing, including preparing the best networking presentations.

2. Work with Reviews

For most people, reviews are the main source of truthful information about your brand. That’s why it’s important to encourage customers to share their feedback on your company.

  • Ask them to leave a review after they purchase a product. Offer clients to do it via newsletter after order delivery or in personal messages.
  • Offer bonuses for reviews, such as a discount, gift, or special terms of service.
  • Arrange contests for the best review.

However, people rarely share positive impressions. Instead, they express dissatisfaction. Don’t delete feedback from these customers so as not to undermine your brand’s credibility. Negative feedback needs to be responded to wisely. Thus, it will serve you well and become advertising. The response to a negative review should be based on the following scheme:

  • Sort out the situation. Ask the client clarifying questions, talk to your staff, and track the order complicity. This will help you understand exactly what happened.
  • Answer the client in public as politely as possible. Avoid set phrases like, `Usually, all customers like our service, we are sorry that you do not appreciate it`. In these words, clients can see hidden aggression, which sometimes angers them more. Apologize, explain what happened, why, and what measures you have taken to prevent such a thing from happening again.
  • Offer compensation. It can be a discount or a bonus. If the situation is serious, you can offer a free product or service. Such behaviour will help accommodate not only other people but also this particular unhappy customer.

Keep in mind that a review reflects the feelings of a person, not a robot. Sometimes people can be upset and indignant. Respond without being officious! Your replies should be calm, friendly, and polite. Your voice tone is your brand’s voice. If you want to get loyal customers, be loyal even to disgruntled and rude customers.

Post feedback not only on external sites but also on yours. It may seem that no one believes reviews on the company’s sites, but that’s not true. If you present them competently, include photos and contacts of consumers, the reviews are credible.

3. Don’t be Afraid to Make Jokes

Humorous posts, promotions, and responses in the comments are a great way to get the customers’ love. That is especially effective if your audience is young people. Successful jokes are useful in the first place because they go viral. They end up on entertainment sites and spread across the Internet through reposts. It’s a kind of free publicity that increases your brand awareness.

Besides, jokes show that your brand is not boring and serious, but fun, close to people. The less officious and more relatable humor you have, the more your brand will be loved.

4. Develop a Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are designed precisely to increase loyalty. Their main purpose is to retain old customers and encourage them to bring in new ones. There are several options for loyalty programs:

Bonuses. For each purchase, clients receive bonuses on their cards/accounts. With their help, they can cover the cost of a future purchase fully or partially. It stimulates buying more and more often.

Cumulative discounts. Each purchase helps clients earn a higher discount. This scheme encourages people to buy more and then choose this store to get the maximum discount.

VIP access. The more the customers buy, the more opportunities they have. For example, you can offer clients a discount, special products, 24/7 support, etc. They become a part of your elite club which increases their loyalty.

Intangible motivation. You don’t have to give clients bonuses and money. Instead, you can convince them that together you can do a good thing. For example, H&M accepts old items for recycling to reduce the amount of garbage. Customers get a discount by helping save nature. It increases their loyalty by creating a positive impression of the brand.

5. Collaborate with Influencers

Influencers are celebrities and bloggers with loyal audiences. Brands use their profiles to promote their products and services. The task of influencers is to create thematic content for native advertising. Promotion with the help of bloggers helps get into the interests of the audience more accurately.

Brands are actively coming to TikTok, where the number of users has grown during the quarantine. For this platform, creative individuals select bright short videos that can quickly get into the users’ recommendations.

Thus, the American cosmetic brand The Ordinary has achieved a 426% increase in sales of Peeling Solution.

One of its videos, in which a brand representative answers questions about the product with words from the rapper’s track E-40, has gone viral.

6. Develop Your Community of Loyal Customers

Imagine you have a thousand loyal customers who don’t know that each other exists. Now imagine that they found out that each of them has 999 other happy and satisfied like-minded people.

The benefits are obvious:

  • more comfortable collaborating with all clients;
  • development and education of clients by each other;
  • higher motivation due to the social effects.

This community can help you in brand marketing activities. For example, use it as reputation management to get honest and sincere feedback from customers.

What do you think is better? For example, Apple has its unofficial community on Reddit with 2.6 million subscribers.

7. Keep Events and Training

An event is a modern tool for increasing customer loyalty through the formation of the customers’ emotional loyalty to the brand. It doesn’t cause rejection or irritability.

On the contrary, it’s perceived as care and attention from the brand. We recommend that you hold:

●  Corporate Events

Collective leisure activities provide high efficiency of the company’s marketing activities. It’s better to invite not only employees but also regular customers.

●  Trade Events

These events attract regular consumers, business partners, and dealers. Organize exhibitions, forums, conferences, and seminars. During them, you can demonstrate new products and attract potential buyers.

●  Special Events

They are mass events that ensure the formation of a positive image of the company.

8. Pay Attention to Newsletters

Email marketing is an effective way to communicate with existing customers and attract new ones. Use a common marketing ploy: offer them a gift in exchange for a subscription.

Send welcome emails, notifications of promotions, and sales. Be sure to thank the customer for every purchase and ask for feedback.

Bottom Line

The formation of brand loyalty is a complex multistage process. Traditional advertising won’t do you good. Rely on content marketing. It establishes a connection with potential customers to turn them into devotees.

To build customer loyalty, work on your content, referral programs, reviews, and email newsletters. Develop communities and organize free events.

Collaborate with influencers who won’t just buy products but also actively recommend them to others. Regular customers will ensure the financial stability of the company and will become a “safety bag” in difficult times.

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