• Odei-Nkansah Rimless

    Simon is just from another planet… I have worked with him and I know what I’m saying. Keep it up Boss. He taught me how to design and do digital painting and I am grateful.

    • The Logo Creative© ✏

      Thanks for your comment, Simon is a nice guy and it was fun to interview him.

  • James Mawuli Dogbatse

    Simon is my mate, friend and a brother, he is my reading mate, very creative and self motivated person, use to and still do go after used design books, getting a design book to buy in this part of the world is quite difficult but we risk to go for book fairs just to get a design book, I have some of his books and he has some of my books, sometimes people think he is good to do illustration than to do design but his passion and the love for design is remarkable, and the consistence of his love for design is marvelous. Keep it up bro.

    • The Logo Creative© ✏

      Thanks for commenting James.

  • Thanks for the opportunity to be interviewed by The Logo Creative, Andrew!

    I believe the journey has just begun 🙂

    • The Logo Creative© ✏

      Thanks for taking part Simon it was a pleasure to feature you.

      The journey will never end but let’s make it a good one!