Free Fonts and Graphic Design Resources

Free Fonts and Graphic Design Resources

As a graphic designer we are always on the lookout for fresh new design resources and fonts to add to our collection, as a lot of people are working from home at the moment with the covid-19 outbreak. I spent the weekend doing my part by putting this together to help people working from home. In this article we give you some great Free Fonts and Graphic Design Resources.

When it comes to fonts for graphic design and they are been used on a regular basis its good practice to support type designers and font foundries by purchasing commercial licences, but sometimes it’s not always possible if the client budget is not available or your looking to test out the look and feel of certain fonts for upcoming projects or personal project you are working on before making the commercial investment.

Whatever the reason, we are here to share some amazing Free Fonts and Graphic Design Resources.

Please bear in mind that not all of the listed resources will offer typefaces that are completely free for both personal and commercial usage, be sure to check the licensing to make sure you’re able to use as you intend to.

Free Open Source Fonts for Graphic Designers


Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel - Free Fonts

They claim free fonts have met their match and they are the free font utopia. Font Squirrel is a fantastic resource for free fonts that you can use for commercial projects. It’s a well-known site used by many graphic designer around the world.

Font Squirrel have saved you the time and done the research for you! By researching font licences for the selected fonts on their website.

Google Fonts

Google Fonts - Free Fonts-min

Google fonts is the leader of free fonts with a stack of fonts available in more than 135 languages. Google fonts is another well-known to site for graphic designers and type lovers around the world. You can be sure you’re safe for downloading fonts for both personal and commercial use.

MyFonts-Free Fonts

My Fonts - Free Fonts-min

My Fonts is the world’s largest collection of fonts with over 130,000 available fonts, and counting.

Did you realise you can filter through some free typefaces they have available? That’s right! My Fonts have a variety of free fonts you can use in your personal and commercial projects.

Open Foundry

Open Foundery - Free Fonts-min

Quite a unique website and free platform for open-source typefaces. Their site is fun to use as you explore their collection of typefaces by toggling the different display options.

What’s more impressive is you can experiment with kerning, sizing, backgrounds right from their websites interface.

The League of Moveable Type

The League of Moveable Type - Free Fonts-min

Within their manifesto they claim to be the first open-source type foundry that kicked off the revolution back in 2009.

They promise to raise the design standards of the web, and care deeply about good typography, design, and empowering everyone with top-notch design skills.

All of their fonts are completely free to use however and wherever you need.

Free Design Resources: Fonts

FDR - Free Fonts - Design Resources-min

This platform offers a Hugh range of different design assets that are free to download. They are constantly updating their fonts section with new fonts and you’re able to filter by licence the fonts for personal of commercial usage.

Awwwards Free Font Collection

Awwwards. - Free Fonts-min

Awwwards holds a conference every year in different cities around the world. The events unite the best agencies and thought leaders in the world of digital design.

They have put together a free collection of fonts created by graphic designers from around the world. Although not all of them are free for commercial usage, with such a vast array of different styles that are available for download you defiantly going to be able to find something suitable.

Lost TypeCo-Op

Lost Type Co - Free Fonts-min

The Lost Type Co-op was the very first Pay-What-You-Want type foundry. They founded back in 2011 and the funds that are collected go directly to the type designers. They have a catalog of over 50 very unique typefaces. It’s not a huge collection but there are some really nice premium fonts and the project is a nice concept to support type designers.

Font Fabric

Font Fabric - Free Fonts-min

Font Fabric Is a really unique place to find fonts for commercial use their website athletics on the home page is really nice and clean and makes it a joy to browse through the fonts available.

When you find a font you like the website has a unique “Font Tester” section where you have the options to adjust and test the font of your choosing similar to the open foundry.

Your able to adjust size, spacing, height etc and is shown how it would be laid out and formatted on the page. This site has a nice catalog of typefaces for you to check out.

Graphic Design Resources

Below are some great free graphic design resources you can use completely free these resources will help you with personal or commercial projects.


DesignCuts - Free Fonts-min

Designcuts is a fantastic online marketplace to discover the highest quality design resources and we use it quite a lot.

What’s great about designcuts is they are more than a marketplace they are a community that care and always available to support you.

Although they have a lot of premium things to purchase which are at great prices for what you get, they also have a freebies section with lots of stuff you can download for free.

The main thing I like about Designcuts is their bundle deals they have every couple of weeks and for a limited time you can get a massive crazy deal. We share their latest deals on Twitter give us a follow and stay up to date on all the latest deals.


Inky Deals - Free Fonts - Design Resources-min

InkyDeals was established in 2011 similar to DesignCuts they offer great deals for design resources that creative professionals may need for their design projects.

I discovered InkyDeals a while ago and purchased a few bundles from them that have been great. They also have a free deals section with some cool stuff available to download for free.

Endless Icons

Endless Icon - Free Icons-min

As designers we are always strapped for time and often we need icons to go on a website, business card or your latest instagram carousel.

Endless icon offers a nice catalog of icons that are free to download and use. In their terms of use it states you are able to use the resource for both personal and commercial use.

Each download is available in PNG, SVG and PDF formats.

Creative Market

Creative Market - Free Goods-min

I’m sure the majority of creatives have heard of Creative Market they have ready to use assets from independent creators around the world.

They empower creatives around the world to make their ideas a reality by providing a platform designers can sell their designs on.

They have a free goods section which offers free goods of the week and you can download 6 free goods every week.

Stock Image Site

Unsplash - Free Stock Images

Designers are always in need of stock imagery especially designers who use Photoshop on a regular basis, or you looking for a nice featured image for a new blog post you have just written.

Over the last two decades I have seen a lot of stock image sites come and go, I’m really liking the site Unsplash and used it on a few occasions. This website has some of the highest quality images available and they are free to use.

The imagery is so crisp and inviting to the eye, and the resolution for the majority of images is really high and this is the type of content you want to be using as a graphic designer.

It’s not mandatory to attribute the author of the picture but they appreciate it.

Email Templates

Download Free Email Templates-min

This resource will be real handy for freelancers who send lots of emails or have an email list. This website has a curated collection of 5,050 emails, showing off both design and code depending on what you are looking for.

You can impress your clients or email list with a creatively designed email

Mockups & More

Graphic Burger - Free Design Resources-min

Graphic Burger has been around quite a while, and you can find a range of different things on this site such as template kits, graphics, mock-up’s and much more. Just be sure to always check the licencing of anything you are interested in using.


Removebg - Remove Image Background For Free-min

Quite a handy tool when you’re pushed for time Remove background is a background remover that will remove an image background leaving you with a transparent background for your image 100% free right from the browser window no download required.

You can drop an image right into the browser and it will show you the transparent image ready to download.

They also have windows / Mac/ Linux versions which are free to download but does require the purchase of credits to use as a fully functional desktop software program.

They also have a plugin available for Photoshop that works with a single click and is available to download free on Adobe Exchange but again requires credits to use.

The free browser version is great for when you need a quick result perhaps for a featured article image or your next instagram carousel design.

Image Optimiser - Free Image Compressor - Compression-min

This is a fast and handy image compressor and when working on a project we want to keep the file sizes as low as possible and using large image sizes is going to complicate things.

It reduces the size of images drastically whilst maintaining the image original high quality and shows no difference before and after compression.

This tool supports 4 file type formats and allows you to upload a JPG, PNG, GIF, and SVG. - Create Free Animated GIF GIFS-min allows you to create really easy animated gifs, slideshows, and video animations that you can also add music to online super easy for free, there is no registration required to use it.

As a designer is super handy I myself have used it to create animated GIF’s with past projects to share on social media. Give it a go you will be surprised how easy it is.


Grabient - Free Gradients - Gradient Maker-min

As graphic designers we work with gradients quite a lot and getting inspiration for a gradient is always nice.

What’s really nice about Grabient that is developed by John Korzhuk and designed by Eddie Lobanovskiy is its range of options you can manipulate with the websites super clean interface as you browse the gradients available.

You’re able to copy the CSS, edit the angle, change and add colours, and edit the percentage of the darkness and lightness of each colour. It’s super handy for times when you’re creating a gradient

Palette Generator

Palette Generator - Create a colour palette from an image-min

Have you ever been in a situation where you are working on a project and needed to create a gradient or extract colours from a certain image I know I do quite a lot this can either be when your designing a graphic such as printed collateral or designing a website and trying to match certain elements with the colours from the images.

Palette Generator is perfect for that you can upload or just drag your photograph into the drop file here section the palette generator will create a colour palette based on the predominant colours in your image including their hex codes.


Esay Screen - Free Desktop Screen Recorder - Screencast Software-min

As a graphic designer there are times when you may need to record your screen maybe to show your process to a client for a project you are working on, or perhaps you are looking to create a video of you designing something for YouTube or IGTV.

EasyScreen is powerful screen capture software for creating screenshots and screencasts. You can capture your computers desktop screen, add your voice and webcam for narration.

It’s also super handy if you’re doing a demo, video tutorial it records fast and its free! With GIF Support.

It does not matter what industry of design you are in whether that be graphic design, web design or illustration we hope these Free Fonts and Graphic Design Resources will come in handy at some point in your career.

Enjoy adding some amazing free fonts to your collection and using the free design resources in your next design project.

Stay Safe, Stay Isolated, use Common Sense, and Best Wishes to all we really appreciate the support you give us! – Andrew – Owner & Founder

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