How to Design the Perfect Sticker

Businesses are always on the lookout for new ways to attract attention. You have to keep things fresh to keep business coming in. Stickers are one way to increase brand awareness and get more leads. In this article we look at How to Design the Perfect Sticker.

The use of custom stickers with your branding or logo is one way to increase brand awareness and get more leads.

The perfect sticker delivers a distinct message that sets you apart. It features rich, vibrant colours, a clear typeface, an artistic design – and maybe even a CTA with an offer to pique the interest of viewers. If you follow these tips, it’ll really stick in the mind of the beholder.

You can use stickers for a variety of things, from cost-effective product labels, to vouchers and advertisements. To make the best sticker for your business, you’ll need to know some details, but don’t worry – we’ll explain how it all works!

Create a Simple and Attractive Design

You can’t explain your entire brand on a sticker, so save substantial texts for other media. Too much clutter will make your label less memorable. The design should be clean, simple and attractive; that way it’s easy to remember.

Hiring a professional to do a high-resolution design and then getting it professionally printed is essential if you want to make a lasting impression. If you want the design printed in multiple sticker sizes, the design should be in a vector file so it can be scaled up, down, and edited without the loss of image quality.

Choose a Shape and Size

Most stickers are circle or square, and often that’s all they need to be. But one way you can stand out is with an unusual shape. If you want complete creative freedom, hire a sticker design company that can cut and print stickers in any shape or size.

Deliver a Succinct Message

People don’t sit down and get their reading spectacles out to look at a sticker. You need to deliver a clear and succinct message with space being so limited. Make the most of it with just a few words. Make sure the letters are big and bold for easy visibility. Depending on what your sticker is for, it may just be an image or logo design.

Keep it Consistent with Your Branding

Think about how your sticker design looks compared to your other marketing materials. Is it consistent? Does it have the same colours and typography? If you have multiple designs over different mediums, it’ll just confuse people. Keeping your brand consistent is the best way to spread brand awareness.

Writing a style guide will help you keep branding consistent, serving as the go-to reference whenever you’re printing new stickers, labels, packaging etc.

Think About the Purpose of Your Sticker, and Where it Will be Used

You should know what the purpose of your sticker is, so you can design it for that purpose and choose the appropriate material.

Is it for a guerrilla marketing campaign?

Make it a memorable advertisement of your brand. Think outside the box and come up with something creative if you want people to pay any attention.  Include contact information but keep it very brief. These days, you could also generate dynamic QR codes for people to scan, so they can get your contact details straight into their phones.

Giving Stickers Away as a Free Gift?

Focus on making the design attractive so people are encouraged to stick them on their personal items (laptops, phones etc.). If you don’t have any brand loyalty, you can add characters or something funny to encourage people to use the sticker, while not necessarily being a loyal customer.

Designing Product Labels?

You can write more on a product label, but it still has to be concise and crystal clear. Most of the tips on making a perfect sticker apply; keep the design minimal, clean and attractive. Just make sure you include all of the relevant info about your product. Hiring a copywriter to write clear and compelling text on your products is the best way to get customers interested in your products.

Pick the Right Material

The material you choose largely comes down to preference, as most stickers are printed on PVC or vinyl which is waterproof. As a stylistic choice, there are several options.


Not shiny, with a satin-like finish. These are good if you’re going for a more sophisticated or premium look.


Transparent vinyl stickers are great if you want a portion of the sticker to be clear.


A popular choice, glossy stickers provide a high shine appearance that can catch a person’s eye.


Polished or brushed metal stickers can provide a premium feel and a sleek shine to your products.

Think Outside the Box

How do you make an impact on viewers? You add something attention grabbing or provocative.  Maybe even an edgy picture; it all depends on what you’re selling and what works in your industry.  As mentioned earlier, thinking outside the box is important if you’re using the stickers for guerrilla marketing.

Coming up with a clever idea might not be easy, but you can always turn to some of the biggest brands for inspiration. This advert by Pedigree is one only dogs will understand…

How to Design the Perfect Sticker - The Logo Creative

Or maybe Wilkinson Sword’s unusual but effective advertisement in egg packets. Get the message?

How to Design the Perfect Sticker - The Logo Creative

You really can put your stickers anywhere. Think creatively about how you could advertise the benefits of your product, while making a memorable advertisement.

Pick Popping Colours

Since it’s a sticker, everything needs to pop out. Text, design, the message. There’s no better way to do that than choosing a vibrant colour palette. Colours and images go a long way, we’re visual creatures after all!

Go with colours that are the same as, or complementary to, your brand. Remember to keep it simple, between 2 – 4 colours is usually enough. Design your sticker with visibility and readability in mind, nothing more.

How Can You Use Your Newly Designed Stickers?

Stickers can be used in a number of ways to promote your brand and spread awareness. You can put a sticker pretty much anywhere you can think of. That makes them a low cost, high impact way to promote your brand. Here are some creative ways you can use sticker:

  • Label your products and packages.
  • Give them to customers as a free gift.
  • Use for sealing letters.
  • Use on your company vehicle.
  • Stick around your premises.
  • Guerrilla marketing.

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