7 Tactics for Building a Valuable and Memorable Brand

7 Tactics for Building a Valuable and Memorable Brand

Technology has changed the way we commute, communicate and conduct business. The marketplace is no longer a static space controlled by a few big-shot companies. Thanks to e-commerce, anyone with an idea and a steady internet connection can start their business online. Customers expect specialised services that are tailor-made to suit their needs. Business ventures need to buck up and rethink their branding strategies to appeal to their audience. Join us in this article as we give you 7 Tactics for Building a Valuable and Memorable Brand.

In this day and age, the popularity of a brand doesn’t depend solely on its price and quality. The social media popularity, packaging, celebrity endorsements are extra embellishments that can change the game. Marketing is all about how you present your product. If you are a budding brand looking for new expansion solution, this is the right place for you. Here are some of the top 7 branding tactics trending the industry that you can check out;

Be Customer-Centric

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“Customer is king” is not just a generic phrase that marketers use to sell their products. This classic statement has some semblance of truth to it as well. Over time, the customer has become more empowered and assertive about their needs. You can no longer offer standard products and services. You no longer have one-size fits all policy.

Before you start building the brand strategy, you need to narrow down your customer base. The attitude towards online shopping is slowly but surely changing. People are no longer hooked to the big brands. Of course, shoppers prefer to see familiar labels. But they are also more open to new brands than they were in the past.  Find your target demographic and then tweak your brand to suit their needs. That would give you an edge over the competition.

Harness the Power of Social Media

Social media has completely revolutionised the e-commerce space. Business ventures that have a commanding presence on Facebook or Instagram have a significantly higher chance of being seen. The first thing marketers aim for is to market their brand on the best platforms.

There was a time when social media served the immediate purpose it indicated- making people more social. Users could connect to their friends and family, share the picture, express their opinions and more. Over time, the rising popularity has led to business ventures tapping into this user-base for brand promotion.

The Role of Influencers

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Facebook now has a dedicated feature that caters to e-commerce ventures. Here, you can create a unique business page advertising your business. Instagram and Twitter have also followed suit. Even WhatsApp has launched its business version that allows entrepreneurs to maintain a separate business account.

And what is the best way to tap into the increasing user-base of these platforms? By collaborating with the key influencers, of course! Social media has started off the careers for hundreds of people. Anyone can now start their own thing, post videos, review posts, DIY tutorials, and more. Over time, these content creators develop a substantial following. Partnering with these influencers on Instagram can boost your brand big time. A simple comment or endorsement by a famous online celebrity could change the game for you overnight.

Get those Numbers!

Now, merely striving for brand promotion wouldn’t be enough. You also need to keep an eye on its performance and reach. Marketing is a two-way process. You must get the feedback from your audience to see if your campaigns are working or not. With the virtual space, brands get the added advantage of immediate feedback. The results are almost instantaneous. Keep an eye on the metrics and stats that your posts have generated.

How many people have viewed your content? How many have subscribed to your services? When are your followers most active? What are your peers doing? How can you improvise on the existing trends? These are a few questions that analytical tools help you with.

Listen to your Customer

This is an obvious point, but extremely important nonetheless. Most upcoming brands try every trick in the book when it comes to marketing their product. But the one thing that almost everyone ignores is customer feedback. Most clients reach out to the brand via social media posts, comments, mentions and reviews. Ensure that you go through these mediums to know what people are talking about you.

Reaching out to your clients gives you a chance to build real relationships with your customer base. Remember, your followers are actual people with their preferences and tastes. Don’t limit them to just a demographic or a statistical chart. Strive to widen your contacts, brands and e-ventures have become people-centric and realistic over the years.

Be Simple and Relevant

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One golden rule of brand building is- don’t try to bite more than you can chew. Don’t overcomplicate things. Keep your website as clutter-free and straightforward. This makes it easier for the visitors to navigate through your brand and check out the services you offer. Upgrade your content with the changing times. Have a dynamic email strategy for giving regular updates and seasonal offers.

The easiest way of becoming popular among your audience is to work on your content. Pitch your product or service in a relevant, relatable way. Don’t be too sales-y though, market your brand as organically as possible.

To boost your content strategy, make use of the power of Geotargeting for dynamic content. Geotargeting for dynamic content enables businesses to deliver personalized and location-specific messaging, fostering a deeper connection with their audience and building a valuable brand by demonstrating relevance, understanding, and a customer-centric approach.

Take Risks

What’s a marketing strategy without some risks and experimentation, right? Explore the market, be adventurous, try new ideas. The e-commerce space has opened many doors for entrepreneurs who are willing to go that extra mile. Keep yourself updated with the latest tools and trends of your industry. Use these tools to make your brand promotion campaign a holistic, inclusive and profitable experience.

Building a brand online is not just about setting up a website. You need to get into the psyche of your customer, understand their needs and form your strategies accordingly. The market is changing rapidly, and you need to keep up with it. Understand what your customer wants; add value to their shopping experience. There are no set formulae for success in modern-day branding. Explore, experiment, change, evolve- that’s the only way you can survive the competition.

We hope these 7 Tactics for Building a Valuable and Memorable Brand have been helpful, and be sure to leave your comments below.

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