How To Impress Employers With Your Business Cards

How To Impress Employers With Your Business Cards

Despite the fact that the business industry is getting more and more paperless in recent times, there are some pieces of papers that are still present. One of these is that tiny card containing essential information, otherwise called your business card. In this article we give you some tips on How To Impress Employers With Your Business Cards.

Whenever you meet prospective employers, partners, or other important people in the industry surrounding you, you’ll need to have these cards to hand out. Else, you could be missing on the possibility of making good connections. In essence, it’s like you’re marketing yourself. 

Remember that professional business cards are sure to impress. So, you’ve got to strive to make this impact. That said, you have to make sure that your business card is of professional and good quality.

Here are tips to keep in mind so that you can come up with an impressive business card.

Only Provide The Necessary Information

Not everything about you should be placed on the business card. After all, no matter how much you’d like to squeeze these details in, it just won’t fit. You’re limited by the availability of space on the card. The essential information that has to be included should only be limited to the following:

Apply The Basic Design Principles

Before you apply anything else or make any personal touches on your business card, it’s imperative that you first put in the basic design principles. These are the design elements that should apply universally across all kinds of business cards:

  • Keep the critical information at least 5mm away from the edge
  • The font size should be a minimum size, but still readable, to maintain legibility
  • Apply 300dpi for the best image reproduction

Don’t Shy Away From Creativity

Just because you’re creating a business card, this doesn’t mean that you’ve got to limit your creativity. If you want to impress, you’ll also need to add in a pinch of creativity to your cards.

A helpful tip to easily design your business card is to utilize a business card maker and personalize the available templates to suit your needs.

As you’ve already applied the basic principles or elements of a business card, now you’ve got more leeway to be creative. How creative can you get? This is also dependent on your personality. You’ll want to create a card that’s representative of who you are as a person.

Here are some creative graphic design ideas for you to apply:

  • Create unusual layouts
  • Add depth to your graphics or images, or to your logos
  • Experiment with dimensions through a variety of colors (but, don’t sacrifice on the readability – it still has to be pleasing on the eye)
  • Explore 3D layouts with your logos
  • Don’t be afraid also to apply minimalist concepts

Avoid The Pitfalls Of Business Cards

Just like any other business-related documents or papers, some pitfalls are common with business cards. At all times, you should also aim to avoid these pitfalls.

To ensure that your business card continues to look professional, do avoid these following pitfalls:

  • Not getting the right resolution with the images that you print on your business card
  • Not providing the bleed specified by your printer, such as 3mm or 5mm
  • Not studying well enough how your design scales in a small card when printed
  • Not proofreading your card

If you’re not very techy, nor do you understand any of the technical terms enumerated in this section, play it safe. Don’t attempt to print the cards by yourself to save a few bucks on the expenses. This won’t be worth it. Rather, it’s better that you’re going to have a professional print it out for you instead. That way, you can also reduce the risk of falling into the common pitfalls of business card creation.

Choose The Right Style

What is the right style in terms of business cards? There’s no hard-and-fast rule to follow. Once you’ve applied the basic elements or key principles of business cards, then you’re generally good to go. But, the “right style” here pertains to choosing whether or not you’ll go for plain and simple cards or others with many colors. The choice here is mostly dependent on which option best suits your brand identity or your identity as a professional.

Apply Special Finishes

Applying special finishes on your business card refers to adding some impact on your card. In simpler terms, it’s as if you’re adding texture. Examples of special finishes that you can apply are the following:

  • Foil blocking
  • Metallic inks
  • Spot-UV

While these special finishes add cost to printing your card, they also make it more impressive.


Business cards contain some critical information about yourself as an employee or your business. Albeit only a tiny piece of card, this isn’t something for anyone also to neglect. Business cards make you look and feel more professional. Plus, it can also help you win the trust of customers, or in this case, your employers. For it to serve its intended purpose, however, business cards have to be created and designed very well.

We hope these tips on How To Impress Employers With Your Business Cards have been helpful, and make sure to follow these tips, and you’re sure to impress your employers with these little cards that you hand out.


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