How to Relax While Running Your Own Business

How to Relax While Running Your Own Business

When you wake up in the morning the first thing you think about is your business, you then continue to think about it all day every day until you fall asleep at night. You spend your working day in the office managing your employees, coming up with new ideas and grinding through challenges with the aim of growing the company that you worked so hard to build. In this article we discuss How to Relax While Running Your Own Business.

Being a business owner and working self-employed can be exhausting. In fact, work is the number one cause of stress among most people. But you don’t have to be trapped inside the walls of your business or spend your days thinking about balancing cash flow, earning new business and resolving conflicts. You as a business owner or freelance worker deserve to relax and here are some simple ways you can do it:

Forget Coffee. Grab a Cup of Tea Instead!

How to Relax While Running Your Own Business - Have a Cup of Tea

Have you been downing multiple cups of coffee every day?

A few years go I was a big coffee drinker and could consumer several cups before lunch until one day I decided to cut it out and I have felt better ever since. I will admit sometimes I will have a coffee first thing if I had a rough night’s sleep or I had to work longer or later the following day but that’s just maybe every other week as a little pick me up.

It’s true that a dose of coffee may help you function, but a cup of tea will help ease your mind and body. There is a wide variety of teas you can enjoy such as Chamomile tea that is known as a good nerve tonic while green tea is known to reduce stress.

Learn How to Meditate 

Learn How to Meditate - Meditation

Learning the art of meditation will benefit you If you’ve been having difficulty sleeping due to stress, or you could be suffering from anxiety due to work then meditation could help your mind and body.

Studies have shown that meditation is vital in helping the mind and body relax. You can start with simple breathing techniques or enroll in meditation classes to learn more about incorporating them into your daily life.

Take Regular Breaks and Listen to Music

How to Relax While Running Your Own Business

You may be one of those people that have lots of things on your plate and you don’t know where to begin as it’s so overwhelming, does this sound familiar? then this article about How to have a clear vision and plan of attack helpful.

What I recommend is to take a few minutes off your laptop, close your doors and listen to your favorite music? or have a change of scenery and go work in a coffee shop and listen to some music for an hour or two. Playing soothing music has been scientifically proven to create a more conducive environment for relaxation and it also helps block negative thoughts from your mind. You can even play relaxing music in your office or through your headphones while working to make it feel less toxic.

Move Those Legs and Go For a Walk

How to Relax While Running Your Own Business

If you’re going through that overwhelmed feeling from having all those client projects and meetings and fitting everything else in between, and including all the things that you have to deal with every day as a business owner, try going for a walk outdoors even if its down the road to the shop for some milk or a protein shake it helps. If your lucky enough like me to have an open area like a woods or a beach better still it will help clear your mind and relax your body.

Going for a walk helps your mind to unwind and lets you see a different environment to help you think clearly. While on your walk, make sure to keep your mind off business and just get lost in your surroundings.

If you’re a designer like me you will be surprised at the ideas you get when you turn off from a project. I know I said to keep your mind off your business and you should but take your sketchbook or note pad with you and when those ideas strike you can sketch them out or jot down those ideas

Have Some Fun, In-between Working!

How to Relax While Running Your Own Business - Have Fun While Working

Everyone should be trying to have fun away from work on their days off, but if you work for yourself or your freelance whats to stop you from having fun in between your work? As long as deadlines are met and tasks are complete whos going to stop you?

This one may be tricky for certain people and dependent on where you live to what you could be having fun doing. For instance, you may live near a park that has a basketball court and during the day when the kids are at school, it may be empty go buy yourself a basketball and shoot some hoops for 30 mins, not only will this help you relax and focus at the same time but you will also be outdoors, getting fresh air a walk and some exercise. The park may also have a boating lake if it’s not too expensive to jump on a boat this can be fun and relaxing.

Fancy a swim? Not in the lake you could get in trouble but go for a swim at the local pool, or if you have a local arcade waste some pennies in the coin pushers its quite therapeutic.

Go for a walk around the stores and windows shop for your next latest tech or office gear this can help you switch off from actual work projects and focus on something else, remember just window shopping!

Give a friend a call if they are available and go for a coffee or a beer, and have a catch-up! Go for a game of snooker or pool or do a round of golf or crazy golf if your local park has one.

There are plenty of things you can do in-between your working hours remember it’s about having fun relaxing and giving your mind and body a rest.

Schedule a Holiday

How to Relax While Running Your Own Business - Schedule a Holiday

A large majority of business owners fear that leaving their business for too long, unexpected things will happen and they’ll be the ones to blame for it. But the truth is, anything can happen anytime regardless of the business owner being present or not it’s okay to be away from the office for a while your business will be fine.

Your business is your baby and it should be, but when your so immersed in your business it makes you forget that you also need a break from it, and the perfect way you can totally let go of the day to day stresses of running your business is to go on holiday and switch off for a while.

Go to a nice place that you’ve always wanted to visit, take your family with you and spend a few days or weeks just focusing on making good memories and having great fun away from work. Leave your responsibilities to someone you trust and disconnect completely from your phone and laptop. Don’t read emails or answer business-related texts and calls. Keeping your mind off your business for a while, and this will leave you refreshed and more productive upon your return. You may also find this article about Time Management Tips and Techniques for Freelance Designers helpful too.

I hope this article about How to Relax While Running Your Own Business has been helpful now get ready to relax for a bit and give your mind and body a quick refresh?

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