Is Your Brand Too Bland - Try This

Is Your Brand Too Bland? Try This

Does your company’s brand suffer from a bad case of being vague, underwhelming, and otherwise unremarkable? If so, there are plenty of ways to beef it up or, if necessary, completely recreate it from the ground up. Is Your Brand Too Bland? Try This.

Stop for a minute and think about the business’s logo, how much money you’ve set aside for top-notch SEO (search engine optimization), what the written branding guidelines are, how powerful your website copy is, and the kind of reputation you’ve built around excellent customer service.

These are all apt places to begin a brand revamp because they’re all critical, in their own way, to the image that’s in customers’ minds when your business’ name is mentioned.

For small and newer companies especially, a positive image is worth its weight in gold. Here are details about a few of the fastest, least costly ways to build, or rebuild, a solid branded reputation for your organization, whether it’s a commercial business or a non-profit entity.

Don’t Rush the Logo

Some branding chores are quick and dirty jobs that you can do once and move on to the next agenda item. That’s not the case with logo design. This is one area where you truly need to give your time and creative powers entirely to the task at hand, and invest in a professional.

If possible, use a small group of people you trust as a sounding board.

Think about components of excellent logo creation like uniqueness, colour, shape, whether the impression is old or new, and how memorable it is.

Your logo is a succinct way to make your business stand out and deserves your attention to detail.

Spend Money on Solid SEO

Search engine optimization is not a place to skimp on costs. What you devote to the logo in terms of time, you should give to SEO in terms of financial support.

Unless you’re already an SEO pro, find someone who is and pay them for their services.

However, don’t assume low prices mean low quality work or that high prices guarantee an excellent job. Get references and research the candidates.

Once you conduct a search marketing campaign, you’ll fully understand what it takes to get a solid SEO effort off the ground.

To get started, review an all-purpose SEO pricing guide to find out how much the service should cost to meet your requirements.

Prioritize Customer Service

Owners who pay scant attention to customer service are wasting all the hard work they previously spent building an otherwise winning brand identity.

That’s because consumers typically reserve final judgment about a brand until they’ve had at least one encounter with customer service.

If they have a hard time reaching a rep or locating someone who can happily assist them with a complaint, your brand image takes a major hit, and one from which it likely will never recover.

Use Compelling Copy

Weak website copy has killed off more brands than anything else. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs seldom give priority to cogent, compelling copy.

When potential customers arrive on your main page, for example, they receive their first long-lasting impression from the words they read.

When those words are drab, non-descriptive, and generally uninteresting, they’ll say goodbye and move on, likely never to return.

Take the time to write high-quality copy, or hire someone who can.

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