Level-Up Your Script Lettering! With Ian Barnard.

Level-Up Your Script Lettering! With Ian Barnard

Are you a hand letter artist who wants to improve your letter forms and script lettering? or maybe you want to learn more about the art of creating custom letterforms? Then we have the perfect online course for you to lean just that. The course is taught by UK hand lettering artist Ian Barnard who is passionate about typography and creating custom lettering and as he explains

“learning the wonderful craft of calligraphy. It’s amazing what can be achieved when we make stuff with our hands”

Dive into this course and learn how to Level-Up Your Script Lettering! With Ian Barnard.

In this course, Ian mainly focuses on lowercase letters as this is the area that requires the most attention when creating hand script letterforms.

The class is aimed at people who understand the basics of writing in script and really want to improve their lettering, and maybe their portfolio pieces for their website portfolio or social media platforms such as Instagram, Dribbble and Behance to make their work stand out with great pieces of work or perhaps sell their artwork online to make some extra income.

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The project for this class will be to take a new or existing piece of work, apply the given techniques to it and then show you the before and after in a skillshare project gallery.

You don’t need any special equipment to take this class. Ian himself uses an iPad pro but you can use a brush pen, marker or even a pencil.

So without further ado, click that link below sign up for the class and level-up your script lettering. With our link, you get a free 2 months trial of Skillshare premium to get you started.

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To Outline What You Will Learn In This Class

  • Forming smooth connections
  • Avoiding squashed letters
  • Weight balance & Contrast
  • Guidelines
  • Spacing

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