Things You Should Never Say to a Freelance Graphic Designer

Things You Should Never Say to a Freelance Graphic Designer

When it comes to graphic design, many people have a vague understanding of it. The job of a designer is considered to only to create company logos and photoshop pretty images. But, there is much more a graphic designer can do. To be a Graphic designer is, indeed, an art.

When you work as a graphic designer, you have to deal with all sorts of clients. One of the greatest challenges while dealing with clients is the communication issue.

Here is a collection of Things You Should Never Say to a Freelance Graphic Designer. They will not react to it, but they will not appreciate it as well. Let’s have a look at those things.

“We don’t have content ready yet, but can you draft a design anyway?”

Understanding the importance of content, how can you ask any freelance graphic designer to design something without letting them know the relevant content? It increases the workload on the designers. So, next time, ask your designers to create something only when your content is ready.

“Make multiple copies of the design, we will choose the best.”

Seriously! Just because graphics design is a digital process that doesn’t mean that it does not require much efforts and time. If the designer and the client both put efforts together and brainstorm ideas, then they can come out with a design that exactly needed.

I like this design very much; can you design something exactly like this?”

This is asked by a client when he came across a design somewhere but realizes that the designer is out of his budget. So, he asks a cheaper designer to make something which looks exactly like that design. This is called plagiarism, you know?

“Can you just photoshop it?”

Yes, Photoshop can do amazing things, but it’s not a magical tool that can design everything that you are thinking in your head. Sometimes designers receive designing requests that aren’t possible. So, listen to your designers, they will tell you what works best for your brand.

“It will only take a few minutes.”

If you think same, then wake up! Graphic design isn’t a quick process that can be done in just a few clicks. It requires time. So, if you have hired a freelancer graphic designer, let him evaluate how much time it will take.

“I don’t like this design. You are a designer. You must know what to do?”

If you know exactly what kind of design you’ll require for your brand, then only you can ask your designer to create something. If you are not good at presenting your ideas verbally, try explaining references images. If you don’t clearly let them know your ideas and still taunt them for the designs they make, you might lose the resource.

“Can you make one more change? I promise this is the last one.”

The last one isn’t the last, and your designer probably knows this. So, try to sum up all the changes in one communication. It will be easy for the designer to make all changes at one time.

“I can’t pay you for this, but you can add this design to your portfolio.”

Designing requires multiple equipment and supplies. Especially, the freelancers who have to maintain all these at their home and have to pay taxes and insurance as well. So, the next time when you ask a designer to create something, do consider these factors and never ask them to work for free.

“But I know another graphic designer, who can make this design for $10”

Nothing is going to happen like this. You will only get what you pay for. Spending a penny won’t get you a wonderful design. Quality will cost you some bucks, so never ask your designer to work for just a small penny.

“Can you complete it by tomorrow?”

As said earlier, designing takes time. Some projects can take only hours to complete, while some require days to complete. So, if you have time constraints, then let your designer know about this upfront. He will let you know if the given timeframe is realistic.

“Can you create it in a format that we can edit later?”

Can you write content or to-do lists in a photoshop document? Obviously not! So, how can you ask a designer to create a design in an MS Word? Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. are some of the tools created to do design something creative by the experts.

“Can you add some additional items into the design? – In the middle of the project”

Designers hate when you ask them to add something in the middle of the project. If the initial project includes just creating a website, logo, and later on you ask them to design letterhead and business cards, and that too included in the original price, this is not professional!

If you pay them extra, then it’s fine. But if you ask them to design all in the package, then you will lose your reputation and a great professional designer too. Think about it!

“Use the logo from my website.”

Logos of your website represent your brand. The size of the logo on the website usually has low resolution. But, if you need a logo for print or web application, then it should be clear and should have high resolution. Taking a screenshot from the website degrades the quality of the design. Send them different file formats in a proper folder.

“When the design is complete, I can have an unlimited revision, right?”

Many professional designers set a limit or charge fee on the number of revisions, as the project is never ending, there will always be some small change or adjustment to make.

If you ask for some rounds of revision, that’s fine, but if you ask him for a small change again and again, then it wastes his time, and also increase the project’s turnaround time.

Designers love to work with clients who clearly establish his expectations. So, next time when you hire a freelance graphic designer, let them know clearly your expectations and let them demonstrate to you, and show their skills.

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