Why Establishing a Consistent Brand Experience Needs Customization

Why Establishing a Consistent Brand Experience Needs Customization?

A small change in branding on the packaging will elevate it to new heights. In this article we discuss Why Establishing a Consistent Brand Experience Needs Customization?

Packaging always comes as an afterthought at the beginning of a company. Several other factors of brand development need focus, from web design and marketing strategies to maintaining an efficient supply chain.

However, ignoring the packaging deprives you of a golden chance to shape the brand image. E-commerce companies usually have fewer consumer touch-points than brick-and-mortar businesses. So, it is crucial to use all the open prospects!

Before a consumer sees and embraces your goods, their first idea of your brand will be formed by the packaging. Therefore, it serves as an important point of contact for building a bond with the client and enhancing your brand image. Indeed, 40% of online customers indicate that advertised packaging increases their likelihood of recommending a product to a friend.

“More than 1/3 of online customers believe that labeled packaging for online purchases influences their view of a company, with 60% believing that customized packaging helps the brand seem more upscale.”

If you are still unsure, here are four reasons why branded packaging will make or break your brand, remember the following while developing your product packaging to guarantee that it sticks out on the market and sells better!

The Color Scheme

If there is one element that describes and catches an individual’s attention, it is the color scheme of the packaging.

Different shades elicit a range of thoughts and feelings in individuals. When selling your goods, you will use people’s associations of certain colors to help render your product more attractive.

Using bland colors on products that clients may not equate with a dull moment, for example, would only make them reject it. On the other hand, utilizing vibrant colors that are used to express a dignified tone, will make them sound as if they didn’t get what they expected.

Think light, soft, or cool colors when designing items that consumers can love eating and utilizing for happy events such as snacks. Even branded packaging tape can enhance the attractiveness of the products.

These colors could either make them happy or leave them with an inner feeling of harmony and fulfillment. When the chance presents itself, you can add colors representing the product’s natural state.

Like most dairy packaging, you would use blue/white or white/green packaging rather than black, brown, or gray.

White is self-explanatory, whereas green represents grass, and blue represents the water or sky that covers the field.

These colors elicit the desired emotion and transport the customer’s mind to product familiarity. Using an orange color on milk packaging, on the other side, would not induce the same response from consumers, and they would be less willing to purchase because they would not relate the color with the products.

Select the Appropriate Packaging Size

Customers want the packaging to secure their purchases while making it easier to ship and store.

Indeed, the majority of consumers would enjoy the packaging further if it aids in the consumption or utilization of the items. This aspect alone will demonstrate to prospective buyers how seriously you take their experience into account while designing the packaging.

Packaging the stuff in over sized containers is not a smart choice. The concept should be effective and realistic; bigger is not necessarily better!

You must produce packaging that perfectly suits the product and does not take up an excessive amount of shelf room. Bulky packaging can use up scarce retail space, which, depending on the commodity, can be harmful to revenue.

Aim to create a simple yet high-quality packaging template that informs the consumer about the content and enables them to easily transport the product home after purchasing it

Make Effective Use of Images

When creating the packaging, you must make proper use of photographs. Rather than utilizing three terms to describe what is within the box, an optimized picture with a neutral backdrop will suffice.

When it comes to package design, the adage ‘a photo is worth a thousand words is as relevant today as it ever was.

Not only does the appropriate artwork inform the user of what is inside, but it also makes them aware of what to expect when opening the package.

You might spend a thousand words or more describing your product in the best possible way, but a single picture would suffice.

Be Honest with Packaging

Almost everyone had that one encounter when they purchased something with the hope that the product will be just as described on the box, then had an unexpected disappointment on opening the box and finding it did not exactly live up to the promise.

Although misleading ads could have succeeded in attracting buyers, such a tactic would soon result in the brand being removed from the majority of shops.

Additionally, the sales generated by such deception would not establish you as a top company. It will ruin your brand before it even hits the shelves.

To establish a market-leading and lucrative brand, you must first cultivate a base of steady, committed consumers who purchase your goods consistently. As a result, you can ensure that your clients understand precisely what they are purchasing and how they can trust the company and its goods.

To maximize brand recognition, choose the most impacting custom packaging. For instance, branded mailer bags automatically inform the consumer who sent the parcel. This increases excitement and anticipation for the remainder of the unwrapping experience.

From the start, develop a strong, trustworthy partnership with your customers. They will stay loyal for a long time.


Branded packaging, including the brand image, plays a critical role in sharing your brand’s tale. It’s a tactic that extends beyond just improving the aesthetics of the products; it also aids in promotion, brand identity, and consumer loyalty.

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