Building a Big Brand - Lessons to Follow

Building a Big Brand: Lessons to Follow

Building a big brand requires one thing, and that is: attention. Elements of a brand are part of its identity that identifies your company to the consumers who engage with it. In this article we discuss Building a Big Brand: Lessons to Follow.

Your brand is how people get to know and engage with your company, or more precisely with the products & services that you offer. In other words, it’s important and very essential to make a good first impression, not only for your actual or potential clients but for everyone that can have the smallest interaction with.

To sum it up as we said before, building a big brand is about establishing that public brand identity which is going to identify your business for the rest of the company’s operation.

There are many ways and tips you can follow to help you make that good impression and build a big brand:

Define Your Target Audience

Make sure you’re targeting the right audience, by targeting everyone, you are ultimately targeting no one, so narrow it down. 

It’s important to define and understand the audience that you have. It’s a necessity to make sure you are targeting the right demographics (age, gender, race, religion, income, education, language spoken, etc.).

All this because while you’re building a brand, you want to ensure that you are addressing and fully meeting the right needs and wants of the target audience.

You can use social media to gather this information. Both Facebook & Instagram enable and allow you to view your actual target audience and potential customers.

You can also view the reach and insights of your page and posts.

Research and Understand Your Competitors

Research is an essential thing to do. Researching the competitors is so essential to understand and create a wider & clearer idea about what’s going to differentiate you from your competitors.

In other words, the unique characteristics are the ones that are going to determine and differentiate the elements of branding from the others.

By differentiating yourself from your competitors, you can become known for that one reason, which means there is something that the audience is going to remember you for.

Define Your Position in the Market

Consider and place yourself (your company) as the leader in the industry. Your job is to cut through your competitors and make yourself the first choice when people get to think of that industry.

What Exactly Does Your Brand Represent?

We’re all aware that branding is a battle of perceptions. After you reach the previous points, next you need to pick your personality and focus on what really will represent you.

What’s your concept, what does your slogan speak for? In other words, what do you want people to feel, think and experience when they see your brand and its own elements?

Afterward, you are going to put every piece of work together and design the logo and start applying the brand.

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.” (Paul Rand)

Start Marketing Your Brand

Getting people to resonate with your brand is a big way you need to start marketing and promoting your brand and reach your audience in the best way possible. Social marketing is a great way to start marketing your brand online.

That’s why we mentioned above in tip no.1 that it is important to be where your audience or potential customers are today, and where they might be in the future or tomorrow.

There are a lot of free social media sites where you can and should take advantage of them to highlight and embrace the value of your brand.

Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more are free and give you the opportunity to show your logo design, highlight your brand, tell the story of your brand, and get your message out there.

Benefits of Promoting Your Brand on Social Media

Social media brings us so many benefits and all for free. We should be wise and take advantage of this opportunity. Below are listed some of the benefits that we get and aim from social media:

1. Growing Your Brand Awareness

Brand awareness means that people need to be aware that your brand exists.

When it comes to building a brand, both brand awareness and brand recognition are important. Even though these two terms kinda sound similar, they are pretty different.

So, as we were saying with the help of social media, we can grow our brand awareness just by following these steps below, which kinda are the same as the tips we mentioned above:

  • Get focused on the right audience;
  • Tell the audience why you’re different;
  • Stay persistent.

2. Growing Your Brand Recognition

At this stage, the audience is aware that your brand exists. Once we build that brand awareness, the next thing that interests us is to turn it into recognition.

3. Increase Your Traffic

By engaging and building relationships on each network or social media it helps to grow and increase your traffic audience.

4. Promoting Your Products or Services

The whole purpose of marketing your business online on social media is about promoting the products & services that you offer. Once you reach the target audience, it’s very easy to promote the brand in question.

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