Elevate Your Brand’s Organic Growth Through Social Media and Graphic Design

Elevate Your Brand’s Organic Growth Through Social Media and Graphic Design

In this article we discuss how to Elevate Your Brand’s Organic Growth Through Social Media and Graphic Design.

Instagram is a highly popular platform with various audiences and many daily active users. This is an ideal option for brands to promote their products. There are several methods for this: common, more specific and also the automatic tools such as the  Instagram Video Downloader.

How to Manage Instagram Account and Gain Benefits to Your Business

key ideas for Insta account

Building a business profile in social networks requires a lot of work and precise steps. Even the greatest goods will gather dust in storage if you don’t find a proper way to show them to the world. This includes more than just finding the ideal group of people who could potentially become your customers.

Things like company perception and recognition are important. Having the special features at hand to work with IG content and saving Instagram videos can be useful in some situations. But let’s talk about everything in order.

 Crucial elements for growing subscribers:

  • SEO. Add keywords to your bio and maybe even profile link to ensure your brand appears in user’ searches.
  • Hashtags. Place relevant tags in each post to increase your content visibility. It’s a must-do practice and an easier way to reach the desired audience.
  • Call to action. Use this technique and make followers try your product through your photos or clips, creating special offerings, bonuses, reminding about limited editions, etc.
  • Convenience and functionality. Set up an action button, leave contact details and provide a link to your website to make the purchasing process easier.
  • Variety. Try every type of post: Reels, Stories, Carousels, regular photos and videos. Learn analytics to see what performs better.
  • Collaboration. Cooperating with popular influencers attracts more subscribers and gains awareness of your virtual enterprise.
  • Content. And, of course, the content itself is the big factor of a successful account. The right portion of entertainment and advancement is the key. Being too business-like will not bring the right level of engagement. If it’s the other way around, users simply won’t understand what you’re trying to present to them.

This is what business accounts have to deal with first. Now we move on to another part and establish the brand name on Instagram.

The Impact of Best Design Ideas

Visual elements are playing a much bigger role in social media than it seems. Design work should be considered as part of a marketing plan. Because, there are enough matters here that influence promotion. For example:

  • Catchy visuals get the attention of people viewing your IG page.
  • Creative design will make your brand stand out from your competitors.
  • The right choice of colors directly implies on people’s decision to buy a particular product.
  • A memorable style can become a distinctive feature of a brand. This leads to awareness, then to more subscribers, clients and finally to profit.
  • A text description included in an image in some cases is perceived better than plain text.

Choosing the correct design is a fine line, it can attract potential clients as well as easily repel them. Here are a couple of illustrations of the most important parts affected by graphics:

Brand Logo. This symbol sets the tone for the entire company and customers. It doesn’t have to be like Salvador Dali. Look at the Rockstar energy drink logo (@rockstarenergy): it’s quite simple, but it’s still catchy and easy to spot and remember. 

a brand logo example

Infographics. In this case, the key is to include the main information and clearly convey the message. There is no need to include too much text, and it should be easy to read. Adding text into an image works on the same principles. One of the posts of the fast food company “White Castle” (@whitecastle):

White Castle Ig

Color theme. Selecting a specific design style will help set users visiting the page get into the right mood. H&M Home ((@hmhome), a brand specializing in home decor, designs its IG profile in a warm and cozy color palette.

H&M Ig theme

These were examples of where you can gain an advantage through graphics. Pay more attention to this and come up with more creative ideas for using design on socials.

Automatic Tools and Reasons for Using Them

Special instruments enable users to improve their experience of the app and be truly satisfied with certain aspects. The Insta Video Downloader from the Toolzu service allows downloading any public clip without complications.

Since most account activities involve working with video content, the presence of this item will not be superfluous. In the following situations, the tool becomes very practical:

  • You need to save some popular Instagram video to analyze in detail and generate ideas for your future posts.
  • You are conducting research on competitors, in particular, you are going to compare their clips with yours.
  • Likewise, you want to download your own Instagram content just in case and keep the best bits offline.
  • The instrument is helpful if you need to upload some of your videos to another platform, website, or blog.

To use the Instagram Video Saver, visit the Toolzu website, because there you will get next important benefits:

  • It’s simple to use: copy the URL of a video and paste it into the insert line.
  • Capacity to download IG video in high quality and without a watermark.
  • The Video Downloader is compatible with any device: iPhone, Android or PC, and it works online.
  • Downloading is free.

Ai tools for Insta

As you can see, this tool fits perfectly not only for personal purposes, but also for business goals. So, give the automatic instruments a chance to be a part of your account growth.


To create a successful IG page on social media, you need to think through every little detail involved in the process. Creating a design that stands out and using special tools when it is necessary will give you an advantage over other business profiles on Instagram.

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