How To Increase Your Online Presence as a Designer

How To Increase Your Online Presence as a Designer

We come across many people introducing themselves as entrepreneurs, business owners, or designers. Everyone is looking for ways and means to ace up their game and earn better. Running a business is equivalent to being your own boss. In this article we discuss How To Increase Your Online Presence as a Designer .

But if you are a business without any online presence, you are more likely to get minimal customers and might not be happy with the results.

The 21st century is all about using technology and making the most out of it. Our lives are revolving around technology day in and out. From our phones to the internet of things, we have technology all around.

When we open our social media accounts, we scroll our feed and see many ads popping up as suggestions. Believe it or not, but it interests us, we visit the websites at least once.

Many business owners are not tech-savvy, and for online presence, they hire professionals who can help them develop their digital footprints.

If you own a business, your online presence can boost your sales, and if you are a person or a designer, you can increase your employment chances and grow a network.

We all know that the design industry is moving at a fast pace and is a potential field. An online buzz can allow you to make your career.

Whether you are a freelancer or a full-time designer, having your digital footprint is mandatory.

One of the critical and authentic ways to own strengthen your digital presence is through backlinks.

Google ‘How to get backlinks: 12 strategies for 2020,’ and you shall have some incredible results on the screen within seconds.

Other than backlinks, there are other options that you can utilize to enhance your online presence; here are a few propositions to help you out.

1. Have a Professional Website

When we introduce ourselves to someone as a designer or even as a business owner, they ask for something to let them know about us.

Creating a website today is easy, and you can create catchy and attractive websites by using website builders free of coding and offers a wide array of templates and themes.

As a designer, you understand it better than anyone else that what are the basics that you need to consider while producing a website.

We all know people are more likely to visit a visually attractive website that is responsive and easy to navigate and have exciting content for the viewers or visitors.

A study says that around 59% of the visitors do not revisit a website that they find complicated and challenging to navigate.

A layman does not possess much knowledge about the website nor tech-savvy; they look for the things that are easy to understand and fulfill their purpose.

2. Get a Personalised Domain 

A personalized domain refers to owning the search results when someone Googles your name.

Potential clients and investors do their research before they choose to hire a designer’s services.

Your customized domain enables you to own the results that come up with your name search. It helps you build credibility and trust.

You can also direct the hiring managers to see you as a potential candidate as you have invested in making your professional brand.

You are in charge of your domain, and you can be confident while putting your best virtual foot forward.

A personal domain website will let you analyze how many people are interested in your services and how many revisited.

3. Get Links Support 

If you want to boost your online presence and want more people to visit your website, try to ask for virtual support.

The virtual support here means to collaborate with other bloggers or website to backlink your name.

When they link your name on their page or blog, it catches the attention of people visiting that page, and they might click on your name to know about you.

Consider it as a testimony; when we refer a person or doctor to somebody, the other person trusts our words and check them out.

The backlinks serve the same purpose in the virtual world. It helps you get the attention you want and let the world know about you and your brand.

4. Be Present on Social Media 

Around 37% of the world’s population is using social media. It means that you will find people from every age group exploring this platform.

People scroll their news feed more often than opening an email or visiting a website.

They also switch between social media apps like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Each social media platform has millions of active users per day.

Creating your presence on a social media platform can also help in giving your brand a boost.

When you know your target audience, it is easy to create content that will reach them quickly, and social media is the best platform to increase your online presence.

It is also one of the preferred ways of digital marketing, followed by many brands and businesses.

5. Tell Your Story 

Once you have your existence through a website or a social media platform, the next thing is to let people know who you are.

You can utilize your website to let people see you through your lens.

You can communicate what you want to convey to anyone who visits your pages or any prospective client.

When you tell your story about you, your unique perspective, and why shall they consider you.

Tell them about your services, the clients or teams you have worked with in the past, or your specialization. Your story shall paint a full picture in the mind of your reader.

Incorporate links to all your searchable profiles on different mediums like LinkedIn or any other platform.

Displaying the projects that you have done in the past can also let them see your work quality, and your work can be evidence of your skills.

You can also add a video narrative of your story or add potential clients’ testimonials about your work.


Developing your online existence is easy, but sustaining it and making it reachable can be challenging.

A successful online buzz can help you boost your career, and if done wrong, it can also break it.

As a designer, you can work on your website’s presentation, choose the content, or even make it more catchy for the visitors.

But if you cannot gather much traffic, ask for support from bloggers or influencers to backlink your page or let their fan base know about you.

The modern era is booming with technology, and people have shifted to digital platforms to understand what they want.

In such scenarios, your online presence can pave the path for potential opportunities for you.

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