5 Creative Branding Strategies for Your Business That Work

5 Creative Branding Strategies for Your Business That Work

What do you believe is the reason behind the success and popularity of the major industry leaders like Facebook, Amazon, Apple? Did they gain their customers attention overnight without putting in any extra efforts to appeal to them? Was it just good luck that made them global industry leaders? Join us in this article as we discuss 5 Creative Branding Strategies for Your Business That Work.

Well, they had to go through a lot, invest a good amount of time while researching the industry pin points, understanding what the customers are expecting from them. Depending on all these things, they prepare a structured brand strategy that actually worked out and this resulted in their success. And the most important aspect that needs to be considered throughout a business journey is branding.

It does not matter if your enterprise is a new startup or a well-established enterprise, you need to have a strong branding strategy in order to reach the target consumers, and convince them to invest in your products or services. Not only will you get more customers in front of your brand, but branding also allows your business to attain heights and even help you stand out over the rest of your competitors.

Why Branding Matters?

5 Top Creative Branding Strategies for Your Business - Why Branding Matters

Some startup business owners might be wondering if investing in branding is not a worthy idea. Well, branding is the only secret weapon that can take your business to heights and get you recognized in front of your target audience. You need to invest in branding more than you do for marketing and advertising purpose. Branding can help your startup business to grow as a popular brand and even uplift your business visibility and make it more profitable.

One of the most common reason why customers don’t trust a brand is because sometimes they fail to meet client expectations. This is where branding proves its significance. Branding is not at all a process that shows immediate effects, rather it is an ongoing process which will require continuous efforts and patience. Branding is everything that surrounds a business in the eyes of the consumer, and as business owners we need to make sure that the consumers interacting with our brand needs to see, feel and experience excellence with every aspect of the brand.

Brand Awareness

5 Creative Branding Strategies for Your Business That Work - brand awareness and recognition


Having a solid brand awareness will help in aiding potential customers to perceives your business in high regards earning trust and loyalty in return resulting in potential customers becoming loyal customers to your brand, branding is key to drive all these things to your business. Especially the logo and overall brand identity design of your brand plays an important role while deciding whether the customers will engage further with your brand and business or turn around and look elsewhere. Having a professional logo and brand identity design which clearly conveys your brand message and values is a must, make sure you have an easy to understand and memorable logo design.

Business Value

The efficient method to optimize your business value right away is branding. A good branding strategy maximizes the business value by offering the enterprise more leverage in the industry. It gives ample opportunities to the business owners to reach the target audience with fewer efforts.

Stand Out from the Competitors

What’s makes your business extra-ordinary from other alternatives? Do you offer something special? Maybe not. But if you have the right branding strategy in place, it can directly help your business to stand out from the competitors in the industry. Not only for the local target audience, but branding done right can help you outreach the target and helps in acquiring the interest of a wider customer base.

Better Revenue Channels

People don’t have enough time to analyze and decide why they must invest in your business. No matter how innovative your services are, if you don’t know the branding process, all your efforts are worthless. In that case, your business needs to present an appealing and clear view to the customers that give them an idea about your business and its products and services. Make them care and understand why you do what you do!.

Wider Customer Base & Brand Recognition

Very often it happens that we liked a product and we recommend the same to one of our friends and forget the name of the company. Now, what’s the point in promoting the product if the person can’t memorize your brand name. Well, relying on suitable branding lets you make your brand look appealing and easy to memorize for the end customers. It enables them to remember your brand name and easily suggest them to more people in their network.

Top Branding Strategies for Businesses

Setting up your own business and doing things you love is a dream to many people. Well, getting into it is easy at the initial phase, while it might become difficult to take your business online and try to reach every potential customer you possibly can. Just because the competition level is multiplying every year, it has become challenging for businesses to convince the customers to invest in their products and services.

And the only reason behind this is a lot of businesses take branding lightly. All the successful brands that overrule the market today is due to the results of a strong branding strategy and plan that led these brands to gain popularity and a name in the global market.

  1. Content Marketing is the Key

5 Top Creative Branding Strategies for Your Business - Content Marketing is the Key

Content marketing strategy works upon offering a pathway of information the potential users are looking for. Apart from promoting your brand to the audience, it is important that the content is relevant and is easy to understand on the customer’s end. Moreover, once the customer sticks to your business, in future if they have some questions, they will definitely find it on your website. And if your content doesn’t clarify their queries, they will find it somewhere else.

So, in this case, content marketing becomes very important. You need to include content that the customers are actually looking for. A great content marketing strategy definitely helps to generate better leads and build trust within your brand.

  1. Work on Your Brand Logo

5 Creative Branding Strategies for Your Business That Work - Your brand logo design

A lot of business owners overlook the importance of a solid logo design, they think it’s the easiest and less important task that will hardly take any time. A logo is the face of your brand and one of the most valuable elements a brand has. A logo does far more than simply say your business name it represents, it gains trust, and becomes one of the first things a potential customer sees when interacting with your brand a good logo instills trust, credibility, and memorability in the eyes of the consumers.

So never forget forget that your brand logo represents your business, and it can either make or break your market presence in the industry.

So, you must invest a good time while deciding the logo of your brand. Do take inspirations from other big brands and don’t try to copy their logo because your business needs to have a unique identity that demands a unique logo. Keep it unique, simple that can easily be memorized on the customer’ end and ensure that your business idea is made clear from the logo itself. Hire a professional logo designer like The Logo Creative they specialise in this field and helped brands grow around the world.

  1. Look for High Profile Clients

Working on a number of ordinary or low profile clients would be a fair decision in terms of getting good revenue. But in terms of acquiring new customers and turning them into leads, this is not at all a convincing factor. You must seek some high profile clients so that you have good quality to present in front of the potential customers and the market.

As people want to see the most prestigious client you have dealt with, and if you have one, you can easily attain that customer. Moreover, make some convincing case studies that clearly discuss the details of the client project so that your audience can get a complete idea of your workflow, the expertise you hold, project delivery timings, and many more things.

  1. Strong Social Media Presence

5 Top Creative Branding Strategies for Your Business - Strong Social Media Presence

No matter which business segment you are into, having a strong social media presence is a necessity for all kind of businesses. As the majority of potential customers in today’s world are active on social media, your business needs to have strong social media presence over all platforms including- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on.

Outdating the traditional marketing method, relying on social media strategies allows reaching potential customers easily and building brand awareness in the industry. So, you can target a wider audience with minimum efforts and time while working over the strong social media strategies.

  1. Try Engaging Videos

5 Top Creative Branding Strategies for Your Business - Try Engaging Videos

There is a large portion of people who don’t prefer to read long paragraphs or text written over the website and rather watch a video, businesses are slowly making a rapid move to producing videos. People are showing more interest in videos as compared to text all over the website. In fact, nine out of ten people find videos more convincing and relevant as compared to text.

So, try making engaging videos that can help the customers recognize your brand name and deliver them a rich user experience. It will enable them to invest in your business than other competitors. Once you are done with videos, you can even try various visual mediums and graphics as well that can help in taking your business to the next level.

The Verdict

Apart from these branding techniques, you must also keep in mind about email marketing. Ensure that you use relevant information and use a professional email design that can help in grabbing the customer’s attention right away. Ensure that all the emails have appealing subject lines, are unique, and short enough. Try using relevant images in the message part.

Numerous marketing trends are going to come and go, but branding will always be relevant, and the most important factor in a brands success. Branding will remain a huge priority and the most important and effective marketing technique globally. No matter if you are a startup business or a recognized brand, branding is an important part of every business that can take the business to greater heights. Branding is going to remain as something that will enable businesses to uplift their off and online visibility by reaching the potential customer’s they target and convince them of the things they are expecting from that brand. Eventually, your business will experience better ROI results and high conversion rates.

We hope these 5 Creative Branding Strategies for Your Business That Work have been helpful, if your looking for a brand strategy framework you can apply and reuse in your business we highly recommend taking the eRESONAID online course by acclaimed brand strategies and author Fabian Geyrhalter you will learn so much invaluable knowledge from him, and you can apply and reuse the framework within your own business.

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