Pivoting Your Business and Adjusting Your Branding To Fit The New Normal

Pivoting Your Business and Adjusting Your Branding To Fit The New Normal

In this article we discuss Pivoting Your Business and Adjusting Your Branding To Fit The New Normal.

The pandemic has caused many companies to adapt to the changing world we’re living in, with developments ranging from offering remote services to changing their physical bases.

If your business has had to adapt, then you need to do more than just let your existing customers and staff know.

You also need to update your branding to show potential customers and sales leads that your company is adapting around the current crisis and remains committed to providing the services and support that they expect.

Branding is a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy, so if yours isn’t developing alongside your business, then it will quickly fall behind, and customers will be turning to your competitors for the services or products you offer.

Here is a list of some of the ways you can change your branding to ensure that your business remains successful and prominent throughout this trying time and well into the future.

Update Your Website Design

Whether your business is now offering e-commerce services or your website just isn’t capable of dealing with the increase in traffic it is getting thanks to the pandemic, now is an ideal time to enhance your website.

Consider working with an experienced web design agency to help give your site the boost it needs. Experts at Atomic Digital Marketing outline how a well-designed and developed website not only provides visual benefits, but also improves the user experience and helps you to get discovered; all of which boosts conversion rates.

This particular agency is a Cheshire-based team who are committed to serving companies throughout the UK. If you are looking to update your design, they have the experience needed to enhance your website or redesign it completely so that your business can march into the digital future with a high-quality, enticing website.

Change Your Slogan

For businesses that have had to pivot completely, it’s vital that you adjust every aspect of your company’s branding, including your slogan. It might seem like a very small part of your organisation, but your slogan is the tagline that customers associate with your business.

Consider changing it temporarily, to a phrase that emphasises your commitment to supporting clients through the current crisis, or permanently, to mark your company’s development.

Whatever you decide, a new slogan will help your business to start a new chapter in the right way.

Adapt The Tone Of Your Updates And Written Content

Written content, such as blog posts, guest articles, press releases and social media updates, is a key part of any digital marketing strategy. During the current crisis, it’s vital that your company adjusts its tone to ensure that it comes across as compassionate and supportive.

The world is changing, so your tone of voice has to as well. If your company continues to put out upbeat, jokey content that does not reference the pandemic, then it could be viewed as tone-deaf by some internet users.

Instead, adapt your tone and topics to current times and share content that is relevant and inspiring.

Redesign Your Logo

They say that a picture speaks 1000 words, and that has never been more true than in today’s fast-paced, digital world. As such, your company logo needs to accurately reflect your business. If your company has had to move into a new offering, then you should seek to adjust your logo accordingly.

Many major corporations are also adapting their logos around the current situation, so if you can consider working with a specialist logo designer to adapt your logo such as The Logo Creative.

This development will show customers that your firm is still in business and that it is aware of and adapting around the current, ever-evolving situation.

Pivoting your entire business at such short notice is a big challenge, but it is made even harder if your branding doesn’t reflect the changes you’re making.

Use these tips to find inspiration and adjust your business branding as required to ensure that your business remains successful despite the issues the entire corporate landscape faces over the coming years and months.

We hope you have enjoyed this article about Pivoting Your Business and Adjusting Your Branding To Fit The New Normal

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