How Unique Is Your Brand - Acknowledge Your Brand From Different Perspectives

How Unique Is Your Brand – Acknowledge Your Brand From Different Perspectives

In this article we discuss How Unique Is Your Brand – Acknowledge Your Brand From Different Perspectives.

A survey conducted by Nielson states that 59% of consumers prefer to buy products or services from brands or companies they are already familiar with. It also reports that 21% of consumers say that they purchased a new product or service from the same brand because of the likeness.

Identity of the brand acts like the face of your business, the advertising impression, and your mission statement has to be credible and trustworthy because it will standardize your company and help it climb the ladder of success.

It is proven as 7% of the marketing and business leaders say that a strong brand is critical to their growth plans, according to the Content Marketing Institute.

What Is Brand Value?

Brand value is an acquirable and desirable principle or quality that is incorporated into a brand. For many companies and business leaders, identifying their brands’ values and norms can help them align their products and services with the client’s needs.

Remember that your brand’s life evolves and grows in the minds and hearts of the customers and clients.

Therefore, its value is significant, so you must design a unique company’s branding strategy, which contributes to the future.

From manufacturing, marketing, supply chain, and HR, everything from start to end, business experts agree that identifying your company’s or business’s brand value will lead the way to start and manage the business in a more natural way.

Your brand value is the key to your survival; make it recognizable and loved by the consumers, and if you have it, hurrah! You have mastered the most important asset for your company.

Ways To Make Your Brand Unique

Here are eight sensational ways to make your brand stand out in a sea of competition:

1. Discover & Live Up To The Brand’s Purpose’


Think of a brand or name a brand, which has a compelling purpose and strategy behind it. Realize and think, do you have the purpose or strategy that drives the consumers to your brand? If not, then you should.

Discover the brand’s purpose and live up to it by asking questions such as;

  • why have you set up the business?
  • What differentiates you from your competitors?
  • What do you provide?
  • How do you solve this?
  • Why should people value you?
  • Why should people invest in you?

There are many things to discover the brand’s purpose if you have not done it before. But once the process of finding and determining is done, the second step which comes in is the living-up to that dream.

Answer the questions as mentioned above and formulate or design the ideas to use them from your branding and value building process through taglines, stories, content messages, blogs, slogans, videos, etc.

Your company’s purpose should have consistency on all platforms for the consumers. According to the survey, 60% of Millennials expect to get a consistent experience from brands on all channels, whether online, in-store, or via phone.

2. Analyse Your Audience

Every company should have a vivid understanding of their audience or to be more precise consumers. It is no secret that your products are used in different societies of people.

Market research is key here to complete branding and make it valuable to consumers. Analyse the structure of your business captivates the consumers on their moral grounds.

Learn the difference to hook the customers in an effective way. Conduct market research and learn what your consumers want from you.

If you provide the consumers what they are looking for and have done this, they will automatically love the brand.

The audience also needs excellent customer service, so invest a lot in your customer service and customer engagement.

According to Forbes, 84% of companies that work to improve their customer experience report an increase in their revenue and progress.

3. Highlight the Special Offers Your Brand Gives

Highlight The Special Offers Your Brand Gives

It doesn’t matter if your budget forecast is not as big as the other business giants or if you want to start your business and create a brand.

What matters is the attitude and belief you have in your products, services, and benefits that you offer.

Do extensive market research and dig more and more to get full-hand knowledge of your competitors. Make sure whatever you offer makes you stand out and support your budget.

Make an offer that no one can reject, which is why they choose your brand over the others.

What can you add to your offers to make them more creative and unique? You can reduce the costs with an affordable option that mutually benefits, support and encourage productivity, and brings more authenticity.

According to Khalid Saleh, the in-demand speaker & co-author of bestselling Book’ Conversion Optimization’, 22% of the consumers regard authenticity as the greatest attribute of the company.

4. Determine Your Value Proposition & Mission

Coca Cola Logo

Knowing the difference between your business and your competitors is all-important and will help you develop a successful brand. Recognize that the unique salient features of your business are understood as having the bull’s eye.

Do not just take your competitors as antagonists but also educate yourself for improvisation and learn branding techniques from others’ ends.

Whatever products or services you offer, be sure to make a mission statement that has clarity, conciseness, completeness, correctness, and concreteness.

It will enable you to elevate your vision and goal.

According to Forbes, companies who invest in building trusts are 2.5 times more likely to function as a high-performance company with revenue growth than lower-performing companies.

Mission statements and mission-driven companies tend to take it uphill. Around 81% of successful companies have a strong mission for their businesses and leadership teams.

5. Improve The Communication Channel

Effective communication is a vital tool for every business, whether following digital channels or traditional channels.

To seal a single deal or meet a potential opportunity, you need to use your business channels effectively.

Effective communication can foster the relationship between you and your customers. Every business has its specially designed formula for engaging and compelling customers.

I believe that communication and developing a relationship will help you prosper and achieve what you have dreamt of for your business.

6. Unique Business Logo & Brand Identity Design

logo design tips - Colour in logos and logo design

Businesses tend to grow when you have a unique Business Logo & Brand Identity Design. These elements increase brand recognition. Customers don’t forget the names of brands whose logos and identity design are beautiful and captivating.

The brand’s logo has to be unique because it differentiates you from your competitors. According to Paul Rand, a leading graphic designer, ‘Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.’

Brand identity includes various elements, but the element which is vital in the branding process is the logo. The design, colour, and structure of the logo have to be creative and cohesive.

The logo should be unique and of such quality that it will always be remembered globally.

According to Forbes, brand colours or the colour of the logo improve and contribute largely in recognition by over 80%. The colour palette is a way to enhance your identity.

You can create various and unique designs with the colour palette, which is imperative.

A good logo will last for decades, even a lifetime, if done correctly. Just use all the creativity in the beginning.

If you are evaluating your brand and have found that it is not up to the mark of uniqueness, you should consider hiring a professional logo and brand identity designer such as The Logo Creative before it’s too late.

Studies state that people make a subconscious judgment about a product or service within 90 seconds of viewing it initially, and between 62% and 90% of that judgment is based on the colour alone.

7. Don’t Live In The Shadow Of Your Competitors

I have seen really ambitious people, but when I asked them, what scares you? The answer has been uniform. Many business owners believe that they want to do something different, something new, and have motives.

But the fear of being taken down by the competitor always distracts them from succeeding.

You are limiting yourself, and making boundaries for yourself if you keep on living in the shadow of your competitors.

Don’t restrict and stop yourself, have the courage to climb the new mountains, and dive in the pool of opportunities that require risks.

8. Craft A Unique Brand’s Voice

Brand Mistakes to Avoid

Every brand creates a voice depending on the consumers they are hitting or the industry they are the part of. Brand voice gives you the path to communicate with your consumers and make you understand how they respond to you.

Are you wondering what a brand voice includes? It includes the professional tone, friendly approach, service-oriented mind set, authoritative attitude, technical skills, promotional strategies, and informative delivery.

Bring consistency to social media posts and content marketing, which is the sound voice of your brand. This step will give your brand more recognition from the increased followers, subscribers, which will build a strong community.

According to the report presented by Community Value and Metrics in 2017, 66% of brand communities are created by the brand voice.

As the world’s leading consumer technology companies, the brand voice of Apple Inc. is confident and dominating.

Whether you check their website, print ad, or a television ad, the look is always clean. People still considered Apple products as a status symbol.


Finding uniqueness in terms of brand value, whether for your existing or new start up business, is a challenging task. But, once it is done, no one can stop cashing the name.

A solid brand building process can give your brand a new attire, which is unique, and you can easily be a strong competitor to many giants out there.

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